"CPT" William James Clark=Liar! Special forces, Ranger, 2 star combat infantry badge

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    posted by a member of GaPackingDotOrg.

    This will be a brief rant about what happened in gizmo's life today:

    So, I went to a gun show today with a friend of mine. We were in the mood for some deals, and in general just wanted to go play with some guns. :righton: When we get there we immediately notice an individual in ACU's. Since this is on Aug 7th, a Saturday, this came to us as being odd. So, my friend and I both being active duty NCO's start to eye ball this guy and notice his badges and awards. Before I list his extensive record let me describe this individual first. 30-40 yr old white male, approx 300 lbs, Blonde high and tight hair cut and a goofy overall appearance. He was wearing glasses on the back of his head, a belt on the outside of his ACU top full of gadgets and a radio with a hand mic wrapped around him self and clipped on his uniform.

    I wanted a closer look at this guy so I told my buddy I would be right back and conducted some good ole fashion recon. He was at the polaris dealer talking to the sales rep about buying 4 quads "for his guys." I jumped in the conversation

    Me: Jokingly "4! Can I have one!"
    He chuckled and I asked him what unit he was in.

    Him:"10th Special Forces."

    Me: "Really? What are you guys doing up here?"

    Him: "Oh Im just helping out some friends of mine"

    I took note of all his uniform bits and pieces and walked away. He went about his business and I later confronted him again and asked him if I could talk to him outside. He and I walked out to the back of the gun show and I began to ask him a series of questions that only an individual with his experience would know. He failed miserably and I then decided to level with him. I produced my ID and asked for his. He told me it was in his car so I said lets go get it. Of course he did not have one and I began to lay into him. I yelled at him for a good 30 minutes and made him remove all the items he had never earned on his uniform. I called him plenty of names and said that he was wearing a uniform that my friends have died in, and that he didn't even deserve to touch one.

    This guy began to apologize and back pedal, and asked me not to "tell on him." I began to tear into him and lower his self esteem even more hoping that he attempts suicide tonight.

    All in all this is everything he lied about and what he was wearing:

    Special Forces Qualification
    Ranger Qualification
    Airborne Qualification
    Combat Infantryman Badge with 2 stars
    Senior Parachutist Badge
    Air Assault Badge
    Military Police Badge
    US ARMY Tape

    and last but not least, Captain Rank.

    Later people came up to me and told me what he had told others about himself:

    He has served 20 yrs in the Army
    He just came back from a 49 month deployment from Afganaland
    He goes back and forth all of the time on "Special Mission"

    His numbers referring to himself as an SF officer:

    William Clark AKA "Capt Clark" 760-974-6579

    This number is a FT Bragg number, so he has wandered around SF land before to buy the phone
    William Clark AKA "Maj Green" 910-705-2260

    Here are some iphone pics I took:

    Serial military imposter arrested after traffic stop
    Sequoyah County Times - Impersonator accused again
    I-40 Bridge
    Federal Bureau of Prisons
    This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here » Blog Archive » Heavy drop serial phony spotted in AK
    Man accused of impersonating Army officer seeks trial | NewsOK.com
    "CPT" William James Clark...serial imposter - Professional Soldiers ®
    TWA800: Imposter directed air traffic for 2 1/2 days atCoast Guard Complex By: John Fiorentino
    the alex patterson imposter strikes again... - TRIBE - tribe.ca
    William Clark mugshot - Mugshots.com - Biggest Directory of Mug shots on the internet

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    Hey Jack, It would appear we have our next contestant for "In the Woods with IGETEVEN"

    What a complete POS. Has already served time for impersonation of an officer and is still doing it?

    Anyone know where this guy is now so we can get the word out?
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    Wow. All I can say is good job on calling him out!!! "People" like that insulting the uniform and there the country...I will stop afore I say something to get me in trouble here.
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    NGIB has this running, I think, in the Bunker, and Jack is aware.:eek::eek::eek:
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    Mr.Imposter Impossible

    I think they should use him for an IED detector in Afganistan. :eek::)
  6. GMACK

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    Kudos for calling the POS out.
  7. NGIB

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    I've invited the OP of this to come and visit us here...
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    The Travis AFB decal has been taken off of another vehicle or was stolen. Base decals are placed on the outside of the windshield and not inside, also it is held in place inside with tape. Additionally the yellow tag that says Travis is for NCO's, real officers have a blue tag, airman have red and civilians have green.
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    I just keep seeing this....

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    We have intel over at "QP" we are waiting for the POS to rear his head somewhere else. Intel says he may be heading back toward my neck of the woods or Missouri. Damn near every military post in the U. S. have POI alerts out on him. :mad:

    I could be so lucky to run into this POS, I got a nice quiet spot all picked out for him...uh, I mean to have a talk, yea, that's it. :cool:
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    So this guy lives in Missouri? I'll keep my eyes out for him. I SWEAR i've seen that car before.

    BTW, I hope he cried and begged when you confronted him. I may not have served, but I think I can say confidently that this guy is a(n) "insert expletive here"
  12. pandamonium

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    This guy is seriously deranged, if he wants be Army SF then sign his fat *** up and he can do solo recon in the sandbox!
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    oops dont think this was in the post. This happened in Alaska. This the spreading around the internet fast.
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    Is this person mantally handicapped? How could anyone believe that that tub-O-lard is on any type of pt program much less in the elite physical shape of our SF. What a washout, but I bet he can't even be called that, lock him up for good.
  15. bgeddes

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    Way back when I lived across the street from the JFKSWC, across Gruber on Smokebomb hill. Being a 'soft skills' Airborne Troop, they used to grab us for the last two weeks of SF school. A trip labeled 'Robin Sage' (although I'm not sure why.) This op took place in the Uwharrie Nat'l Forest. The Discovery channel did a brief show about this, the 'Gs in Pineland' at the end of SF training.

    I can peal the best of these guys off the wall (they think they are a kick *** poster). Something about the facts is tough for these 'holes to handle.

    Training as serious as those guys go through changes their persona. They all have a nature and a way they carry themselves that can not be faked.

    Kudos for called this 'bag. I'd love to question him about his training history. My guess is he couldn't convince me he finished Jump School.
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    When I first entered service the judges in civilian courts some times would give a law breaker the choice to join the Army or go to jail. I think they should give this POS the same choice
  17. CourtJester

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    That ol' boy's a little too big to be in the Army at all, much less Special Forces.
  18. Snakedriver

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    If they can catch this fat sucker, they should take him to Ft. Bragg and put him in the stockade there. He'll probably enjoy himself in there.

    There should be no mercy for losers like this. They give a bad name to soldiers everywhere.

    By the way, I forwarded the original link, including the goof-ball's pictures, to a retired SF SGM friend of mine out in California. He has the entire SF Organzition looking for this guy. They wish to speak to him about his qualifications and have a "special mission" they want him to go on with them.
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    Back about a million years ago(viet nam era)you wouldn't believe the # of 'snipers','special forces','airborne',and 'recon' vets we had!

    When I was in,it took 9 soldiers to support 1 combat soldier. For each one in combat,9 were 'in the rear with the gear' (and didn't see combat)

    There has been a LOT of war stories, even by soldiers. The vets that know despise them and non vets that don't know don't care.

    Don't know how it is these days.