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    I'm going out next weekend for my first hunting experience ever. We are going to be hunting coyotes. I have nothing but my AR15. So what does a noob need to bring and need to know?
    Will be doing it in Kentucky on 600 acres.
    Thanks in advance
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    Take a horn that goes "beep beep"

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    I assume you are going with someone that has hunted them before? What equipment do you and they have.
    Also, if you have somewhere to outside to hang some hunting clothing to eliminate it from picking up any normal smells or sent. It is good "After letting them air out for a few days" to put them in a plastic bag and put them on when getting to the area. Also one thing that I have noticed over the years. I have killed a lot more yotes in the early morning than in the evening. Unless it is really cold and they need to move and hunt to keep warm and fill their stomachs. You need to get into your position right at or before the day break. You will likely catch them on the way back to the den areas. If they have had a rough night hunting they are even more vulnerable. In the evening if you you will usually hear them rally calling for the night hunt and sometimes can get their attention right after they start the hunt. But in the evening you must use caution since they may pick you up leaving your area since it will probably start getting dim light at that time. They are very intelligent and a worthy adversary. Bobcats are a possibility also! They will appear like a Ghost so make yourself aware of the surroundings like stumps, trees, bushes and other items in the area. It seems like all of a sudden there will be something there that was not there before! They like to appear and set and observe a lot of times before coming closer! So we can wait to see what all your are going to use. Your AR is fine but make good kill shots if you want to see them after they are shot! Like head shots, behind the front shoulder about half way up on the body or a direct chest shot for example. Good Luck! Be still and do not move your head much! Scan only with your eyes. If you have to move your head move it super slowly. They can detect movement like you would not believe and certainly any sent!
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    Thanks Sniper03.

    Yes I am going with someone who has hunted before but not Coyotes. He has a electronic call. we both have all black AR15s. Both 16". He told me to get gloves and a head mask. He has all the camo clothing I need at the cabin.

    I'm hoping we see something and I can learn something. Since it is legal to hunt Yote year round in KY, I'd like to get into it. Something besides target practice. Plus in KY, not much else to hunt with .223 besides Coyote and deer.
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