Coyote hunting near phoenix arizona?

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  1. Hello everyone, i just moved to phoenix and am wanting to do some coyote hunting hear soon and have no idea where to go. I have been hunting them for about a year now. I used to live in pinetop up in the white mountains area, and it was pretty easy to go anywhere up there and find them. Any help would be sweet, and i am looking forward to hearing from anyone.

    P.S Any tips and pointers would be cool to on baggin one too. Like i said i haven't been doing it too long and research on the computer isn't as good as real pointers from real people. Thanks again.
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    Lot of them brown yotes comming across the border !!!:rolleyes::rolleyes:
    I don't think the hides will bring much though, due to the lack of fur.


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    I can't help you on where to go. I'm at Salome on Hwy 60 between Quartzsite and Wickenberg.

    For some reason the coyote population seems to be way down. Lots of rabbits but few coyotes. :confused:

    Salome, AZ
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    I am in Havasu and a pack woke me up at 3:30AM yesterday. One was howling not far from my door. It sounded like he was right outside the door. Almost grabbed my shotgun but you are not supposed to shoot them in the city. I see them in town frequently. The help keep the rabbits down.
  5. Yeah they can be pretty load in a pack, its a bit of a rush when your surrounded by them at 430 in the mourning. I might just have to go out in the desert somewhere and just start calling and see what happens. if anyone is going anytime soon and want a tag along let me know.
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    What is the minimum caliber for coyote? Some say a .22 will work but I have heard they can get pretty large.
  7. Well the game and fish dept say any caliber is ok but i would not use a .22. It leaves to much of a chance of not killing the animal and leaving it to suffer. Then a long hike to track it after the shot. I really dont recommend using a .22. I use my .223 dpms ar 15. most varmint hunters like the 22-250 as well.
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    Pretty much anywhere in the open desert outside of town is ok as long as you are not on private land. You only need a hunting license and do not need to be drawn. Predators/varmints are open game. Coyotes are plentiful.
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    i have a buddy that manage a family sod farm out here in maricopa, and theres lots of yotes out here.. in the mean time im workin up a load for some varmint rounds.. id say with in a few weeks ill be out there.. if u wanna tag along im for it.
  11. Yeah im interested, give me the details of when you going and what i need to bring. Where are you going so i can look it up? Thanks for the invite.
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    If y'all are ever here in CO let me know. Coyotes a plenty.