Coyote hunting in southern California?

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by sharpshooter5647, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. sharpshooter5647

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    Hey guys, I'm a Brand new hunter, just finished the class. I'm planning on going coyote hunting here in southern California but I'm not sure where to go exactly
    I've been told, Mojave Desert, Angeles national forest
    Which is better for a new hunter?
    And can I just drive in and start hunting? Or do I need to contact a park ranger?

    And what should I bring for a successful trip?
    Decoy, calls...etc

    Any information at all can help
  2. chewchew

    chewchew New Member

    Ask the Border Patrol, they probably could tell you.

  3. Steenkamp

    Steenkamp New Member

    Cayote hunting is awesome but not easy! If i was you i would do alot of research on them. Practice your mouth calls and watch some videos so you can get an idea on cayote hunting. It took me many many trips before i got the hang of it. Practice and knowledge is the key to all hunting. As for hunting in South cali, never hunted there. My best advice would be to talk to the game warden in your area.
  4. limbkiller

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    Just finished a class????
  5. Flat Tire

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    I would go and hunt without the gun. Go thru all the motions but leave the gun in the car. Go to the small town restaurants and make friends with the local farmers and ranchers. Private property is always better. To be successful you will need to put some time in. It will turn into who you know and not what you know. If you can get on the right pieces of property you will have better chance for fun, especially in Calif.