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Joined my nephew to go coyote hunting this afternoon. We headed out to a farm and set up the decoy and the caller about 25 yards from a draw where we set up camp.

After calling yotes for an hour, a visitor finally showed up.

My nephew whispered to me, "on my left". I looked up over his back to see a pheasant rooster come walking around the end of the draw about 10 feet to my nephew's side. It walked straight towards the caller as if it wanted to find out what the noise was. It walked 10 feet beyond us then turned and walked directly across in front of us. I knew he had a pheasant stamp so I whispered "you gonna take the shot". He debated a bit then flipped the safety.

A 223 coyote rifle zeroed for 100 yards is not terribly accurate on a target 10 feet in front of you the size of a bird's head. Maybe we at least taught the bird to not investigate howling coyotes.

That was one stupid bird. He figures it was probably a farm raised bird. May have been one of the birds they released back in the spring. Sure was pretty though. I've never had one walk that close to me.

No coyotes showed.
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