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  1. I've wanted to get into coyote hunting and that also may require calling.

    What kind of calls, non electronic, should I look into getting?
    I dont have a budget, but I'd rather not spend 100's of dollars on manual calls.

    Thanks for any help. It's appreciated.

  2. R-BOLT

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    A Hotsy Totsy is a good one if you can find one for sale. A older rancher hunter gave me a call made out of a cattle horn about 10" long. The reed is made out of a milk jug. The reed is held on by a bull castration band. It works well, it is the only mouth call I have, as I lost my Hotsy Totsy call in the field somewhere. We have always had good luck using both mouth calls and electronic calls together.

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    I have one call that does so many sounds it is not funny it is called the backstabber by a good friend of mine in PA. his site is Kettle Creek Calls. He makes them in walnut of acrylic. I have one walnut and one clear both sound great and are easy to use. They are closed reed calls so they freeze up less and are a bit easier to use than open reed calls. If you want to see a bunch of fine handcrafted custom calls go to Welcome to Predator Masters -- Hunting the Hunters and look at the calls forum. WOW there are some nice calls out there.

    I would not waste my money on the cheap plastic junk sold in stores. All Predator Calls has the best all around selection of calls out there.
    If you want an electronic and are just starting out with a small budget look at Johny Stewert calls.
  4. Thanks guys. I'll look into them. :)

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    You may want to look into Phantom Calls
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    Critr calls has an open reed mouth call that is easy to learn your basic sounds with also Primos has the Randy Anderson series of open reed calls that are easy to blow good luck.
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    You can basically get by to start with 3 classes of calls. A dying rabbit, distressed whitetail fawn, and an howler. The diaphragm dying rabbit calls are particularly useful as you can instantly, and with hands free, change tone, volume, and pitch.
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    I've always seen tapes of distressed fawns or injured rabbits used to call in predators. A cheap, light weight tape player can be used to play them back effectively.

    I've seen this work first hand for everything from owls to mountain lions.