coyote call techniques

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  1. Boltguns4life

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    I've got a new Jack in distress call and I don't know exactly the technique to go for
  2. krisko09

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    with rabbit distress i usually start out with a moderate sound level and speed, and grow to a loud, fast, shakey (done by gyrating the bottom jaw) sound, then i will cut off and do softer slower calls with about 30-60 secs between. The idea is to mimmick the prey getting hurt, panicking, then dying.

    There are a lot of techniques to check out, but this has been most successful for me.

    Also if u havent already, u should check out Randy Anderson's dvd's, he does an awesome job of teaching u how to use and manipulate different calls.

  3. tri70

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    I like to start off soft too, if one is close.
  4. Old_Crow

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    I never give a predator call a lot of action. If there are predators nearby they will come. Using the call to much just gives away your position. If you can find a live rabbit that will squeal when you pick it up you will see a lot more predators.

    These guys are avid hunters. Their stuff works! I have been hunting with Murray Burrnham. He has forgot more about hunting than I will ever know. The tapes are done by the original Brothers. I don't know about the rest of the recordings. The Burnham brothers that made the company great have passed away.
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