Cowboy guns.

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    I just got two new Uberti 1873 lever actions rifles in .357 and .45 Colt. I was wondering what load works best in your rifles. So I can try them in mine. I'm currenting using 8 grs of Unique and a 250 gr swc in the 45 colt and 5.5 grs of Unique and a 158 gr Lswc in the 357 mag. So far so good with both but worried the .45 colt could be a little hot. Any suggestions.
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    As long as you stay below +P loads you should be ok.

    I've shot some pretty stout loads out of mine over the years,and it's still going strong. Uberti's are pretty well made rifles.

    The 1860,and 1866 with Brass receivers might need to stay with the cowboy loads,but the Steel reciever on the 1873 is stout.

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    some of my load data books list loads for older firearms for cowboy shooting. check Nosler, Speer and Lee loading books. like to see some pictures of those two rifles. i have looked at the Uberti firearms years ago, and they looked to be very well made guns, and not cheap. i hope you enjoy them and good luck.
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    Cowboy gun updates

    It's been a while now and I've shot both rifles a lot. They are both very accurate with my loads and would not hesitate to use them as a light deer rifle at close range. The .45 colt throws a heavy bullet at just under 1200 fps with no problem. The .357 Mag is loaded to +P .38 velocities at just under 1200 also. The quality of both firearms is outstanding. The actions work very smooth and there have been zero malfunctions. If someone wants a no problem rifle I would highly recommend these to anyone. :) My next caliber will be a 32-20 WCF in the same action. I have no doubt it will perform as well as these do. Accuracy is what I would expect from a rifle of this type. It will sometimes make a cluster of shots all touching at 50 yards when I do my part but I haven't sand bagged it in yet and I shoot off the top of my car with it resting on my arm. I'm sure it would put into a 1 1/2 group at 50 yards all day if you had the patience. I think that small game under 100 yrds would be no problem. I plan to call in coyotes in my area as is seems we have more of them then we have deer.
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    What is a heavy bullet in .45LC? Where do you find .357 +P info, I am really curious? I shoot an 1892 in .44-40. W/ 200gr cast lead it is a dandy round out of a 24" tube at 100 yards for vermin. A 205gr JSP is good medicine for whitetail at 75 yards. I even load 160gr for vermin at 50 yards. Unique or W231 work well depending on the bullet. Still need pics!
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    In my .357 lever I use a 158 gr jhp with 6.8 grs of bullseye and 158gr jhp with 7.3 grs unique. Both are great in my gun and have killed coyote easily.