Court ruling in our favor

Discussion in 'Maryland Gun Forum' started by mrbirdguy, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. mrbirdguy

    mrbirdguy New Member

    Anyone take notice that the court ruled in our favor on the right to carry on the issue of reason to carry
    I hope this will allow me to get a permit or whatever needed so I can Cary every day as soon as I know I would be granted ability to carry I would go for it Gues I would have to go get the 380 I have Ben wanting
    Anybody know?
  2. ghostturdz

    ghostturdz New Member

    I know lol. Although I'm excited I feel this process is going to take a lot longer than expected. The state has appealed the ruling. Even thou technically you should be able to get your MD CCW permit today I am sure that the MSP will stop processing applications for the permit until their appeal is either won or lost. On top of that, if and hopefully when the appeal fails the state could do just what DC has done. Make it so horribly expensive that you wouldn't be able to afford the permit. While this ruling is an enormous step in the right direction, I feel we are no where near being able to obtain a CCW permit in the state of MD. The important thing to do now is stay informed, and continue to write to your local politicians. We are gaining ground but the fights not over just yet.