Counterfeits and forgeries

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    Ever grabbed a low hanging fruit of a bargain, and ended up with a fake? :eek:

    Having a long time interest in the AK's, I always wanted to mount an authentic side-railed steel-cased scope. Every one I saw at gun shows and elsewhere was either no good or too pricey.

    Finally I spotted a new Russian mil spec 4x on the Internet, advertised and photographed at a major vendors web site. The price was fair, and I bit.

    It arrived spotless, well built, properly marked in Cyrillic. I commenced mounting it on my AK and found that it fit poorly, too much free play. I moved the scope to another AK side rail, same result. Have the Russians changed the specs while i slept?

    My research turned up nothing. Next day I sat down with the scope again, and spotted the markings on the turret. You don't have to read Cyrillic to notice that Left and Right (the opposite turn arrows) had the SAME word. It stands for LEFT. Both ways.

    It was the OMG moment. I started looking for the manufacturers info. None. Lots of letters and symbols, none said Made In Russia (or Belarus, or anywhere). Here is your sign. Chi Com.

    I sent the item back. The seller balked at first, then admitted it was a "replica". Long story short, I promised him publicity, and they refunded me. Shipping had been free.

    Any good memories of getting screwed, here is the place to take em off your chest. Goooooood morning!!

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    That stinks but at least you got your money back. I have seen a lot of replicas on Ebay being passed off as real. I would not buy an Aimpoint on Ebay. They are being copied right down to the trade marks but only on the outside. The Chinese dont care what they build. Trade Marks and patents dont stand in their way to make a profit. You used to be able to spot the Chinese shipping locations but they now have shills in the US to do the shipping.

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    I was humbled,because I had passed up on many items that I suspected to be forgery. Had a reverse situation! Re-sold an accessory (bought at a gun show) on eBay not knowing it was counterfeit. The presumed Asian tigers had forged the brand name logo, but not "Made in the US". Pangs of conscience? You decide... I refunded the guy, no debates, then had to talk him out of sending the thing back to me...
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    there was a rash of counterfeit Leopold scopes a few years ago. they were so close in comparison, but were problematic that people were sending them in for warranty repairs and the company was finding them to be counterfeits. they looked like Leopolds on the outside, right down to the logos and markings, but were nothing like them internally.