Could You Pull The Trigger ?

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by JW357, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Well put, failure to protect self and loved ones would be much tougher to live with for me!

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    I would have no problem pulling the trigger if the situation is as cut and dried as the Yankee Marshall's question. The only issue with his question is life is seldom that cut and dried.

    I could have legally shot two people but I didn't. I thank God every day I found a way to avoid taking a life. One of the two I cut him with just the tip of my knife. You would have thought I hung it deep in him and twisted it by the way he screamed and ran off. The other tried to beat me with a timing chain belt. I managed to get a shock absorber to beat some sense into him. In neither case did I consider drawing my pistol. It's not like I wasn't scared for my life. In a brawl things happen so fast you don't always do what you thought you would do.
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    The author of the video creates a very good point that there are people who believe that all life is sacred; I.e. Buddhists won't kill a fly or spider in their home as Buddha created that insect and no one has the right to terminate its life. However, from a more Western Christianity viewpoint, according to the King James Bible, man is evil. He is born into sin a sinful and wicked creature and only becomes different by accepting Christ as their savior and walking a more righteous path. The Bible does not say a Christian cannot defend themself, and has many historical references to evil men being slain. "thou shalt not kill" is not appropriate here, as this was a translation error by King James' scribes. Hebrew has seven words for kill, and the one they should have used is actually "murder," but the scribes were unaware of this difference. Killing for food, killing for sacrifice, accidental death, euthanizing and others were all acceptable under Hebrew law under certain circumstances. The only thing prohibited specifically was what we now codify as murdering another human.

    This being said, the question of pulling the trigger all comes from what point of view you have. Buddhists would rather be victims than defend themselves, yet they'll commit ritual suicide for a cause. Most Christians realize that they are allowed to defend themselves from those who would deprive them of life, liberty or family. When one person makes the choice to take a human life for no good reason, they remove themselves from polite society and the protections that affords. Criminal acts that involve wounding, maiming or death place the perpetrator in the column of "Dangerous Felon" and allow any law-abiding individual to stop them from their actions if they endanger life. Prosecutors in more liberal cities have tried to confuse this issue, but I believe morally it is very clear cut. Note that everyone has a different psychological response to a shooting, but the above is simply addressing the morals and that different religions and cultures view the same issue in different ways.
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    I can't speak for Yankee, but it seems to me the situation where deadly force is accepted is extremely cut and dry: either my or someone in my familys life is will be taken if I do NOT pull the trigger.

    Seems to me that its Yankee's opinion that if he honestly believes his or one of his family's life is about to be taken, then he would know it beyond a shadow of a doubt.
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    I believe that I am not only justified in protecting me and mine, but that it is my moral responsibility to defend me and mine, up to and including deadly force.
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    I don't understand the question really....could I pull the trigger? Hell yes, that's why I have the gun. Better them, than me. Better them, than my family. When it comes to scumbags, I'd even have to say....better them, than my dog :)

    I hope I never have to draw a weapon on anyone. I have seen folks on FTF that make me question whether or not they actually live for that day, when they 'get to' shoot a bad guy. I am not one of them. But I have practiced practiced practiced enough that the operation and firing of my firearms is something I can do without thought, ie the muscle memory is there. Would I make the right decision every time? I can't answer that. I don't think anyone can honestly. But I will say this - when I purchased my first handgun, I did so with the understanding that I was empowering myself with life and death capabilities and I do not take the matter lightly. Just like I take driving seriously. If things are at the point where I feel a need unholster, it's serious!
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    Excellent post. I like the way he turned the question around. The question really should be "Could you live with yourself if you did not protect your family?". Unfortunately some people will refuse to protect and willingly become the victim. They will blame it on guns not the perpetrator who obviously had a bad upbringing. The gun is an equalizer. It allows the weak to defend themselves from the strong.
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    Said it before, I'll say it again.

    These BGs have decided to go out of their way to

    use violence to harm me.

    THEY had options:

    ---Go to the library and learn a new job skill.

    ---Volunteer to help the homeless, or help out at a

    nursing home.

    -----Help a relative move to Indiana.

    ---Assist a relative in improving their home, or fixing their


    ---Enter an apprenticeship or vocational school- tons of funding for this is


    ---There are MILLIONS of other socially redeeming options.

    Instead, in their arrogance, ignorance, or false sense of entitlement,

    they took it upon themselves to seek out, stalk, and victimize me.

    WHY, AGAIN, is it, in that deciding in advance, to defend myself

    from these violent hyenas, that I am to be considered a bad person?
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    When it comes to protecting my wife and kids, absolutely!!!! I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I was able to do something and didn't.
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    Its a no brainer, you darn right, the useless pigs, gangs, Knock out people, theifs that want to harm society should be eliminated Period!

    they are at no use to society with there evil ways. and a big waste of the Tax dollar to support there lowlife Asses.

    end of rant.....
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    The purpose of the question is to instill doubt and doubt is not a luxury anyone has at that moment. But that is also why training is so important.

    If you are going to have and or carry a firearm you should be well trained on how to use it. So that when the time comes training kicks in.

    Don't know if it has been posted here before or not but there was a great article on what physically happens to the body when you are in a fight or flight situation. You definitely want great training and muscle memory at those times.

    I cannot think about whether I would or wouldn't, the decision was made when I bought my first gun. I have to.
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    A brave man dies only once, a coward dies a thousand times.
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    I've always been a fan of his and he said it best. That's a decision you need to make before you get a gun for defense. If the answer is no or comes with hesitation, you're better off without a gun as the goon is just going either call your bluff or take advantage of that hesitation and use your own gun to kill you and your family.

    My answer is yes, of course. In my opinion I'm not the one making that decision. The goon made it for me by threatening me or my family. Will I be happy about shooting, and potentially killing another human? Of course not. However, I'm not going to let that prevent me from protecting me and my own.
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    Buddhist's don't believe in taking any life if they can get around it. In the eyes of a Buddhist all of Gods creatures have a purpose. They won't kill a fly if they can shue it out the window. But let something threaten a Buddhist's family they will kill in good conscience. Even the Dalai Lama has said that the Chinese people would be better off if they were armed. Just google the Dalai Lama, you will see that he believes that self defense is a god given right. Buddhists love pork, they like their pig well done with the head still on it.
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    i think i would have a hard time living with myself if i didn't do all i could to protect my loved ones from harm, whatever that might be. so yes, i would pull the trigger.

    making that decision is one that needs to be made long before someone ever even picks up a gun or even buys one for SD usage. this is not a decision to be made lightly or without lots of thought and reflection. the use of deadly force, even in the event of protecting yourself or your loved ones is not to be taken lightly. the taking of a human life, even someone with evil intent is a grave matter.

    another point that is important, that someone with evil intent also made that choice to place others in peril and in danger, and many times will ill results as the end of it. so in making the choices they have and forcing me to something i have no desire in doing, but will do if left with no other options, then i will all i need to do.
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    I believe most would have reservations to taking a life but would justify their actions by self-defense. I think the next line in John_Deer's quote supports my thoughts being glad it wasn't necessary.

    I think the point of the Video is everyone has a conscience.

    This to me is where size matters. Quantity of persons is a factor. Your agility, physical abilities and skills would affect your choices in this situation.

    But I have a creative mind. I think more about the in-between situations that might occur.

    You are concealed carrying and are walking down a street with your spouse. Coming the opposite direction are 3 males that might be good guys or thugs. You don't know. As you get closer they move into your path.

    What do you do?

    You say excuse me (us) and try to move past them.
    They begin to hassle you preventing you from proceeding.

    You step between them your spouse and protect her
    You tell them you will defend yourself
    You draw your weapon and try to scare them

    They could claim they were just kidding.
    They were hassled by you and they were minding their own business.

    These are the "What if..." scenarios where you have to experience it to know what you should do.

    Whatever you choose may or may not be the right option even with all the knowledge you have of any given situation.

    I'm not looking for answers but ideas on what others might suggest or actions they have taken to avoid making the situations worse.
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    IMO, ANYONE who carries should reason this out carefully

    beforehand. This question is NOT something you should

    be wondering about, while you are being attacked. God

    forbid the day comes when I have to use anything to defend

    myself mortally, but indecision has no place, in the clutch.

    The mere fact people carry, where I live, makes it safer.

    I've made the commitment to protect myself and my family.

    WHAT commitment have the bleeding-heart liberals made to their family?

    To allow their family to come to harm, because they feel we should

    live in a utopian society which will never really exist? They are willing

    to sacrifice their children for a flawed political belief. Shame on them.
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    As an instructor of 'civilians' I get this question A LOT.:(
    I explain it about the same as the guy in the video, but I go much further. ;)
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    I have no conscience when it comes to family and friends, its us against them and my vote is for us!;)