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Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by Shihan, Feb 23, 2010.

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    Damn sharp and powerful unit. Range instructor had one at the range last summer. They are kick ***. If I ever have an extra $1300 to blow, I will definitely consider picking one up.

    Love them crossbows and one that will fit to your AR lower, hell that's great combination adaptability. Was shooting 1 inch groups at a 100 yards, no lie! :eek:

    Only drawback is you have to use the product's arrows, and they are little pricey as well, at $90 apiece.


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    I hunt with a man in his 60s with a bum shoulder and he uses a crossbow during bow season. That thing is SAH-WEET! It throws a a heavier bolt faster then a bow could ever dream of pushing an arrow. After shooting it I wanted to talk my Dr into writting me a note so I could hunt with one(required to use one here in NC).
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    I use a crossbow to hunt here in Ohio. The state allowed crossbow hunting for anyone a few years back. The past 2 years, deer taken by crossbow nearly equal compound and long bow put together. The state has a minimum pull weight and min and max fps. Also a min cutting diameter for the broadheads.

    All crossbow companies have their own bolts (arrows) and you need to use thier bows. The only crossover I know if is between Horton and Ten Point. That is because the guy who started Ten Point was a design engineer for Horton. (made in Ohio, thank you)

    I believe the one that fits the ar lower exceeds Ohio's max fps.