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    I'm a half way decent shot, but ever tried to hit a water moccasin (cotton mouth) in the head on the move, with a .45 auto? The sporting goods store didn't have any CCI snake shot for my .357, only 9mm & .45, so I bought a ten box of .45's. I'm playing cat and mouse with those fat deadly creatures on my mini-farm here in Tennessee. I see them when I least expect them, like walking down 200 yards to my mail box, or fiddle farting in my garden. Anyway, I finally had an opportunity to dispatch one close to my pond on the side of the gravel driveway. My Kimber doesn't like the cartridge I suppose and by the time I finally got one racked in the chamber, it was gone. Should have carried it in condition one I guess. The kill range of the shot is probably half the snakes strike range anyway :rolleyes: I seen several of them but since the flooding has subsided I hope they went elsewhere. The neighbor (a half mile away) said he killed 13 with his 12 gage. Anyone else have a snake problem?
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    Watch that little plastic disk that holds the shot in those 45's. They break pretty easy and let the shot out. I've gone to using primer seal to help keep the shot in. I don't know if that will create a pressure problem or not but I don't think so given the small charge. But anyway, those little disks can come loose if you re-chamber the same round several times as well. Just a heads up.:)
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    I wouldn't deck one of those nasty bastards with anything less than a 20 gauge from 15 feet with #7 shot, and then probably three shots minimum.

    No venomous snakes here in VT, but when I was in the Army I was more worried about those damn things than anything else (aside from artillary guys that couldn't range :eek:)
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    Only with the two legged kind of snakes....

    Long ago, I got my first .22 revolver. A High Standard Double 9.
    It came with a lot of ammo and amongst was a brick of .22 bird shot rounds.
    Out of those 500 rounds, one kill was made. I was so amazed I skinned the little bird to see what actually did it in.
    One pellet. One of the #12 shot actually hit it in the back of the head and kilt the poor chi-chi.
    I haven't bought any shot cartridges since. In a rifled barrel they just spread to fast to be effective.
    Besides, that's what a shotgun is for. Shot. :rolleyes: LOL

    But that S&W Governor sure sounds tempting. ;)
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    There just part of every day life down here in FL, hopefully they go away on there own for you if not get a good pair of snake boots. good luck
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    i deal with rattle snakes here there not always bad but some years there worse then others.when i go into snake country i usally carry my 38spl. with bird shot.
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    No way would I shoot a water moccasin with anything less than a .410 and would prefer a 12 gauge. A water moccasin, cotton mouth, copper head are the meanest snakes there are. They give no warning and are territorial. Get too close or hurt one and they will come after you. They're not slow either.
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    Copperheads love our front porch. It's concrete and in the evening they like to lay out on it. I kill 4 or 5 every year just using a stick and a knife. Hold them down with the stick and cut their heads off. My wife is not allowed to walk around outside at night without her personal guard dog (half boxer, half german shepherd). He killed a rattlesnake a few feet from her last year.
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    I killed this timber rattler by my mother in laws pool from 3 feet. The shot cup took his head off. If it had been a moccasin I'd have gotten bit.

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    I agree a shotgun is the best medicine for moccasin. But a scatter gun isn't always practical, and a lot of semi autos don't like to feed shot rounds. If I were you, I would try and find, probably on line, some snake shot for your .357. You know it'll feed.