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    Hey guys Im trying to figure out what the cost of a box (50rds) 9mm factory new vs what you what pay for 50rds hand reloads. Assume you reuse range brass. I did some primitive math and Im guessing you save $2 a box $11 Sellier Bellot vs $9 reloaded with mid to lower price components??

    Fyi. I have never reloaded before.. Trying to see if its cost effective
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    Bro, if your not talking of rounds in the 1000's rather than 50's don't even worry about reloading.


  3. c3shooter

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    NOT COUNTING the cost of a press, dies, and a scale- and assuming you have (or can scrounge) brass-

    AROUND $10 per hundred. Here is a calculator you can use-

    Handloading Cost Calculator

    You can check what it will cost you to buy powder, primers and bullets where you are (you do NOT want to pay shipping on HAZMAT- trust me)

    I pulled price of components from local store, used Unique powder, with a middle of the road load, 115 grain Hornady bullet- and got $9.77. Allow for a couple of spoiled rounds, odd penny for case lube, cleaning, etc.

    9mm Parabellum is cheap pistol ammo to buy- but you CAN save a buck or two- and make good quality ammo. You really save when you get into some of the more expensive rounds- I have a Winchester 71, caliber .348 Winchester- and when you can find it, it can run $50-$75 per 20 rounds.
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    Thats what i figured.. Doing it for a monthly trip to the range and 300 rds seemed not to be cost effective. I may only do 3k rounds a year. Id have to pool with other shooters to get economies of scale! Thanks for the help
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    To me the benefit is not in $ savings, but self satisfaction of being self sufficient. 9mm is a bad example because it is not very expensive to begin with so savings are minimal. I load for 12 different handgun calibers and 14 different rifle calibers plus 12 ga shot shells and slugs. I cast my own bullets for most of these. Some calibers have huge cost savings (like .45-70) and I can custom load specialty ammo that is not commercially available at any cost.
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    Another benefit is when there is no ammo in the store you can make you own
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    Just interesting in know what those 12 might be. There only about 9 or 10 commonly used calibers for handguns.....unless you're including shot shells such as 410 used in 'judge' type handguns.
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    I think the biggest benefit of reloading is not saving money, but rather being able to make ammunition that works very well in a specific gun. Being able to make ammunition for any gun is important because the availability of it is not guaranteed.