Cost of investing in another caliber

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    Ammo and magazine arrived. Order for scope and mount went out.

    I'm going to straight up admit it; I suck at "not giving in" when it comes to spending gun money.

    I ordered a Nikon M-223 2-8 scope and a Monstrum slim one-piece mount. I think this is my 3rd M-223 2-8 now. It was this or a Leupold VX Freedom 2-7. I went back and forth again. In the end, the glass is similar, but I really like the size and positive clicks of the M-223 turrets.

    Sooo... cost to invest in another caliber to date:
    Upper $250
    Ammo (80 rounds) $72
    Magazine: $23
    Scope and mount: $220

    Not reloading *yet* and am sitting close to $565
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    Hey, it's cheap! Just think what it would cost to impregnate a 17 year old!
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    Upper isn't even back, and the reloading is gearing up... $92 for 500 Hornady 125gr HAP bullets...

    Standing at $657