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Corrective Glasses

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I am curious about shooters with bi focals. I noticed recently that I can see the sights much better with the lower half but the target is out of focus. But with using top half the sights are a little less focused than I'd like.

How do others find this works out?
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i wear contacts, but i have two pairs of glasses i wear shooting. i have a pair that are bifocal (which i did not notice when i bought), and a par that are refular lenses. personally, i see no difference between the two when shooting, although when i am reloading, the bifocals do make it more difficult for me to see depth. probably because i don't require bifocals, but to each his own. my step brother swears that the bifocals make it easier for him to reload, and he doesnt require corrective lenses, so go figure?
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