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    Hey guys, I am new to shooting with a scope. It sounds dumb, but I've never really done it before. I have heard different techniques of shooting with a scope. Can somebody direct me towards a good book or instructional video on correct shooting posture, techniques, and training.

    Thanks, ILgun
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    Since you are from Illinois, we'll need to see your FOID before discussing guns with you.

    Sorry- could not resist the cheap shot! :p

    In a nutshell, consistency is the key- you want your cheek meeting the same spot on the stock each time, so your view through the scope is identical- each time.

    Using a scope is actually easier than iron sights- since you have fewer points to focus on. You have brought up a lot of questions in one or two, more than can be briefly answered.

    The one issue that pops up is one eye or two? I shoot with both eyes open- focusing on the scope- some folks have a hard time learning to do that.

    Rather than try to instuct at long distance, not having a clue what you are shooting, and your experience level, I am going to suggest you find an Project Appleseed shoot near you, and get into that. Link for you- Project Appleseed Home

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    do appleseeds teach scope shooting?? i thought they were pretty snobish about what gun you use. i could be wrong.
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    HAH! I know man, its ridiculous. When I go over to Cabela's and pull out my FOID, they look at me like I'm from a different planet! HA! Thanks man! I just put a scope on my muzzleloader and I don't really feel like I am consistent enough to go out and try and kill a deer with it. Thanks for the info!