Correct me about 3 gun matches...

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    In the beginning of 3 gun matches, weren't they more about tactics (I.E. use of cover and that sort of thing) or am I thinking of a different style of match? Didn't you used to have to carry all your weapons on the different stages? When did they turn into what I see today? I mean I was watching a video today and if the targets had been armed no one would have survived.
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    I started shooting 3-gun matches about 20 years ago. Yes. We used to do more tactical shooting than what I see in some competitions today. Shooting in roll-over prone, under low hanging obstacles, long and short range, usually not transitioning more than twice in each segment. Every match can be set up (and should be) differently so that there is a wide variety of things occurring. We used to do current topic shooting in setting up matches like airplane assaults after similar tactical events in the news. We did LA bank robbery type scenarios after that incident. As much for training as competition.