Cops gun down man for legally carrying firearm

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by towboater, Jun 1, 2012.

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    the scary thing about it is that at an indoor rage i attend on a regular basis half the range is frequently given to leo training.

    it goes something like this...

    "STOP, DROP THE WEAPON-GET ON THE GROUND!!!" then with no pause even long enough to draw breath its BOOM BOOM BOOM until the mags are empty then reloads and more volleys.
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    just terrible i wish the officers were charged with murder
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    Are the government and police manufacturing the very enemies

    they claim they are trying to eliminate?

    How will the family and friends of Erik Scott

    feel about LE and government in their lives from now on ?
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    What i find interesting is that the video security system malfunctioned just during this incident, and out of 200 shootings that department has been justified 199 times. They need that department to show other departments country wide how to be so perfect :rolleyes:
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    While this appears to be a gross failure of police procedures resulting in the man's death, and is unforgivable, if it happened as the report states. If indeed the shooting happened exactly as the story presented, the money-hungry lawyers would have gone after the P.D. and won a massive settlement. Dropping the civil suit tells me to be skeptical as to the actual events.

    The victim of the shooting could have avoided his death by leaving the business when he was asked to leave. It is a business owner's right to decide who can and can not shop in their place, just as it is your right as to whom you allow into your home. If people who carry (and I am one) don't like it, the should shop elsewhere.

    If this incident had happened in Florida, the victim of the shooting would have committed the felony of armed trespassing when he refused to leave when asked to. I suspect that the victim was trying to make some 2nd amendment point with his refusal to leave. Sometimes when people get hard-headed about making a point it comes back to bite them in the butt, or in this case, in the heart.

    Sounds like bad judgement on both sides of the shooting, it is just a shame it ended up with an unnecessary death.
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    This type of murder and the complete lack of accountability and justice will eventually lead to armed conflict between LEO's and victims families.

    All Cops would do well to remember that thier authority does not come from thier office, it is derived from the consent of the citizenry. While police are very effective at apprehending criminals and occasionally murdering innocent folks, they are completely out gunned, out manned, and unprepared to deal with a violent revolt from otherwise law abiding gun owners, shooter, and veterans.

    Everyone wearing a badge needs to understand that following the thin blue line when your brothers are wrong putts all officers at additional risk.

    If this victims father where to hunt down and assassinate the cops who shot his son, I for one would not fault him or report him.

    It's about time the loved ones of Leo victims start taking this path and extracting natural justice on the streets against the killers who wronged them.

    Again, I don't think the problem is so much the individual officers or any malice on there part as much as it's a flaw in thier training and the para military attitude we've seen most all departments take. Unfortunately, when the courts off ZERO recourse, the only thing left is the rifle. :(

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    I know several law-enforcement officers, and I most certainly DO NOT advocate reprisals against the police. However I have noticed the''US AGAINST THEM" mentality which seem to increase the longer the officer is on the job. Here in central Virginia the policemen and their family members all have tape markings on the rear of their vehicles, which identify them to each other as LEO, and prevents their being stopped for traffic infractions. Three horizontal stripes, black/blue/black. Just part of an exclusive club, right? It really works out to one set of rules for you and I, and one set for them. My dad gave me excellent advice 50 years ago- stay completely away from the courts and law-enforcement. They are self-perpetuating, once ever in their clutches you will never be truly free. Damned good advice.
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    I'll add Costco to my list of buisness's i wont be shopping at
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    Badge or no badge. In God's eyes it is murder. And in time will have to answer unto a higher authority.
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    So you can bring a religious point of view into this? Why not, your right. If a Leo or anyone else thinks they are above the law they aren't considering the real consequences.
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    If the shooting wasn't bad enough they broke into his home and took his guns then tried to say he was carrying more than one that day. Sounds like allot of covering up to me. Vilianize the dead man to make it look justified. What a travisty.
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    One of these badge toting Rambo wannabe's crosses the line with my Family, he won't be waiting for Gods judgement. A badge allows for absolutely ZERO protection in my eyes. The courts will be given thier chance to deal with it and I hope they do because my punishment WILL be proportionate to the crime.

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    Many years ago during a recess in court I had an old judge tell me " Son, Justice has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Law."
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    I think the thing which has kept me out of jail,

    all these years, is I went to court when I was young,

    to help deal with a minor matter in which I wasn't

    directly involved.

    All my illusions of the Justice System which had been

    carefully propped up around me in my youth came

    crashing down around my ears that day, as I watched

    the court make a mockery of truth, justice, and

    "the law". I vowed never to become caught up in the

    crushing grinder of our merciless justice system at that point...