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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Franciscomv, Jul 18, 2010.

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    I've been watching "Dual Survival" and enjoying a lot. I'm a long time Cody Lundin fan, and it's nice to see a show with at least a little focus on primitive skills. It's also great to see that beat up Mora #1 of his in action, showing how much a $10 knife can get done.

    I'm not into Cody's hippie stuff, but as an anthropologist and bushcraft enthusiast I get a kick out of his methods. I read his books, they are quite good and filled with good advice. The guy seems pretty sensible in his approach. While he enjoys doing things the "primitive" way he's the first to admit that in a real emergency he'll use a flamethrower to start a fire if he's got one, as fun as rubbing sticks might be.

    The other bloke on the show, Dave Canterbury, has a military background. They have a weird sort of odd couple chemistry. I didn't know too much about him before watching the show, turns out we've got a knifemaker friend in common.

    They've got a youtube channel where you can watch all the episodes. Like all TV shows, it's flawed. But it's still much better than any Bear Grylls crap.
    YouTube - DualSurvival's Channel
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    Edward Grylls tends to take things to the extreme. He does stuff that nobody without his background should even try, but I find it entertaining. I have watched a few of the "Dual Survival" stuff. Much more informative and realistic. Plus, they don't drink their own urine which is a plus on any show. Cody sure is out there a bit. Barefooted and all, I keep waiting for him to get bit by something nasty. Dave has been doing a more of a hunter's approach to survival for several years. Traps, snares and primitive weapons stuff. I've read several articles he has written that details some of the traps and snares.

    I like the show. I think the producers put together two practially opposites and it works well. I hope they keep doing the show for a long time.