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    You guys have to watch this video. I didn't post it because it's got a lot of bad language and I didn't want to anger or offend the admin guys of this site. How do you guys think this situation was handled?


    put youtube before the forward slash
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    Yeah, I saw it awhile back.

    I have mixed emotions about it. While it turned out OK "this time", it was certainly a disaster waiting to happen. Since nothing had escallated yet, a call to 911 would have been easy. Also, he wasn't FORCED to STOP, nor was he forced to brandish a firearm.

    Basically, the guy and his girl friend STOLE the camera... at GUN POINT! AKA: Armed Robbery.

    In other words; The guy & gal committed a worse CRIME than those stupid Rednecks did by harrassing them on the road.

    HOWEVER, my best guess is... the whole thing was "staged" for your "youtube" entertainment.
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