Cook County AWB and C&R FFL

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    I have run across a question that I wasn't able to get answer from the Cook County Sheriff's Police. I live in Cook County, not Chicago, and am the holder of a C&R FFL. My question focuses on the acquisition of a SEMI-AUTO Thompson which is old enough to qualify for C&R but, is on the Cook County list.

    My issue is this...if one reads the State of Illinois statute, it appears that for purposes of possession and transfer a firearm which qualifies as a C&R item on the BATF list, the procedures and obligations for transfer are the same as those for a regular FFL holder. As such, the question becomes is a C&R FFL holder exempt from the Cook County AWB with respect to C&R firearms..much in the same way that a regular Title 1 FFL is exempt with respect to Title 1 firearms?
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    I would not even ATTEMPT to offer an answer on this- total lack of familiarity with Cook county ordinances- but would suggest- skip the Sheriff- go to the County Attorney/ and or the County District Attorney (those are the nize pibble that would be prosecuting you if you are wrong)

    Inquire from them- IN WRITING- regarding your status as a holder of a Federal Firearms License, issued by the BATFE, and how the Cook County Ordinance would or would not apply to you. When you get a response, makes copies, put original in a safe place.

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    The Cook County AWB has never been enforced due to many legal challenges. The way it is written would not exempt a C&R firearm. You can inquire with the States Attorney but will most likely get the same answer.
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    I agree with Mag 318, it's on the books but never enforced from what I can gather. I personally wouldn't risk it until the ban gets struck down. It should be coming up in court some time soon as a few months back was sent back to appeal court. No doubt at some point it'll end up in supreme court.