Converting Remington 700 .308 to .300 wsm.

Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by Slee1195, Dec 2, 2013.

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    So the story starts out with my brother and myself getting into a car accident where the barrel of my rifle was bent about 45 degrees. My synthetic stock also shattered and I plan on getting a wood replacement sometime soon. After some research, I've decided to build a 300 wsm for I already have another savage model 99e in .308, so please don't preach to me about different calibers and what not. Thanks
    Ideally I would like to be able to buy a new barrel and stock, piece them together, and be able to head out to the range, but the fact that my vehicle was just totaled and I'm in this situation as of right now I doubt it's gonna be that simple. So any info, tips, and advice would be greatly appreciated.
    A few questions I have:
    1. I understand that my rifle has a short action on it (the reason for the short magnum) but will I need to buy a new bolt because of the wsm round?
    2. I'm not an experienced gunsmith, so will there be any work on a lathe or other machinery required, so will I need to take it into a smith?
    I'm not trying to build a high quality competition grade rifle, just a nice hunting rifle that I can depend on.
    3. In the end will I just be wasting my time when I could simply spend the same amount of money on a new rifle?
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    first of all, welcome to the forum! stop over in the Introductions Section and say hello to everyone!:D

    nothing wrong with going to a different cartridge.

    1. yes the bolt face on the 308 and the 300wsm are different. the 308 is .473 and the 300wsm is .535, so either a different bolt will be needed or the bolt face of the one you have will need to be opened up to .535 for the new cartridge.

    2. if not experianced, it is best to leave this type of job to a compentent gunsmith. plus there are some specialized tools needed to install the barrel correctly and for it to be safe to shoot. and unless you plan on doing many rifles, these tools are just not cost effective to buy to do one rifle.

    3. only you can really justify the cost to you and if it's what you want and whether the cost is worth it or would be better to buy a rifle already chambered in 300wsm.

    if the cost is not worth it in the long run, you do have other options as to rebarreling the action in a less popular cartridge, that not available in a factory rifle or one of the older ones not offered any more. or you could always sell the action. lots of people are always looking for M700 actions. i look for them time to time myself.

    hope this helps you out. and again welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome. The type of project your looking at is not cost effective if you don't already have the tools.
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    I agree with Axxe. In addition there may be some work to get those suckers to feed. When I was working at HS precision (very similar action to the 700, but with a detachable magazine) it took us quite a while to get those WSM to feed. I think you are talking more than the price of a new rifle to convert your 700 to a WSM. Even just going to a similar cartridge (say to a 7mm-08) is not a cheap proposition, but it may be worth consulting with your local gunsmith.
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    Well thanks everyone for their input. I'm going to hold on to everything for now. I'll probably end up selling the action and just buying a new rifle altogether which really sucks cause it was my go-to hunting firearm.
    Thanks again for everyone's time.
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    Welcome can't help on your topic but don't be a stranger lots of good talk and advice on here.