Converting a .40 S&W Glock to use 9mm (ie. G24)

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by dosdelon, Jul 18, 2008.

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    I have been thinking of getting a longslide 9mm mostly for target practice. I don't compete in any leagues so I have been looking at the 17L with its 6" barrel. I also don't like external safeties, so I'm not looking at other longslides, like the Smith & Wesson 952, not to mention the price difference. Since I am not planning on competing, I don't need a tack driver, just something that I can practice with. I don't have anything in .40 S&W anymore though, and I was also looking at the Glock 24 as well. There are conversion barrels for it which allow you to shoot 9mm from it, so I was wondering if anyone had experience with converting a Glock 24 (or any other .40S&W Glock) to use 9mm. Specifically, I want to know if Glock 24 magazines will reliably feed 9mm ammunition, and how many rounds it will hold in it. Or, will a Glock 24 accept 9mm magazines, such as for the Glock 17? Furthermore, is there anything else that may need to be switched out? I would think that everything else should work with the 9mm, but would I need to worry about springs or anything else like that? Thanks in advance, your knowledge & experience is much appreciated!
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    9mm conversion barrels in 40 cal Glocks---Use the 9mm magazines. I've known people
    that had OK luck with using 40 mags, but not 100%

    You may or may not have to change the extractor.
    You may or may not have to change the ejector.

    Extractor and ejector are the only two parts in the fire controls that are different
    between the two calibers. To change the ejector you have to change the trigger housing, housing and ejector come as a unit.


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    :) Since you haven't already taken the plunge I would suggest you stay away from 40 caliber Glocks.

    (I know, I know; but I've just had to work my way through too many problems with 40 caliber Glocks. As a matter of fact I'm working on one, now; and I doubt the owner will, ever again, buy another 40 caliber Glock.)

    The G-17L is an oddity. If you aren't a Glock historian or collector, 'Why' would you want one? And, yes, you can't compete with it. On the other hand I've never had a bad experience with a G-34; and, everyone I speak to who owns one loves it. ;)
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    What are these problems with the .40? I have a 27 and it has been very reliable and accurate. Not a single problem with after 2500 rounds. So is there something I should be aware of? Thanks,

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    Sort of...

    There is a long-standing rumor that .40S&W GLOCKS are hand-grenades, about to blow up if you look at them wrong. Like all rumors, there is an element of truth, but not attributed directly to GLOCK. There was a batch of Federal Hydrashocks from '99 (I think; I've got the lot number somewhere), which had improperly manufactured brass, and in combination with the less-supported chamber of the 22/23/27/35s it fire out of battery.

    Combine that with, what seems to be, a decline in the QC of the GLOCK 22s over the past 2-3 years, and there you have it.

    Your pistol should be fine, unless you are using older Hydrashocks, or have bought a GLOCK 22 in the last 2 years. Since you've already put 2500 rounds through it, I'd be willing to bet that there is no problem. I've put 5000 (?) rounds through mine, and have seen no issues to speak of.

    But I still carry a GLOCK 19...
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    :rolleyes: You need me to tell you? Of those departments that immediately come to mind: the Haddon Heights, NJ, Police; the Indiana State Police; and the Illinois State Police have all had serious (and apparently unsolvable) reliability problems with their 40 caliber Glocks. As of today, the factory still hasn't been able to figure out how to make a G-22 work, reliably, with a light attached to the frame; and, of the several different Glock models that experience slide peening, the 40 caliber models always show the worst examples.

    In addition to the Federal ammo mentioned above, there have been other problems - One with Accurate Arms #5 powder. Now, I'm going to defer to someone else who might feel like broaching the subject; but we, all, know which Glock model goes, 'kaBoom!' most often; and, it ain't the G-19. ;)

    Let me be frank: If I wanted to argue any of these points I'd go over to Glock Talk and start mixing it up with the other regulars. Over the years the frequent posters on GT have learned how not to annoy one another, and will avoid each other when necessary. Your G-27 appears to be working. If you're happy with it, that's wonderful. I couldn't be happier for you!

    40 caliber Glocks seem to have a mystique: You're either part of the club or you're not. Me, personally? I never joined; and, I doubt that I ever will.

    Good luck to you. :cool: