conversion kit or 10/22

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  1. hawkguy

    hawkguy Well-Known Member

    i was hoping for some input from those who know more than myself, so that should be pretty much anyone who wants to chime in. :p

    i am looking into getting some training soon. i have had the good luck to recently meet an ex-marine marksmanship instructor who will give me some tips on shooting. after that, i hope to hit an appleseed and work to become a rifleman! :cool:

    when i looked at the appleseeds requirements for ammo :eek:, i knew i must invest in a 22 to compete at least most of the event with. i figured if i'm gonna burn $200+ for ammo....maybe it would just be a better investment to get a 22 rifle.

    now you know is my question....

    should i just invest in a 22 conversion kit for my AR OR just spend $50-100 more and buy a 10/22?

    here is the advantage i see of the conversion kit: 1) slightly less expensive 2) saves space in my gun cabinet (weak :D). 3) i get the training on the AR platform

    and advantages of buying 10/22:
    1) i get a new gun!!!!:):):) 2) good starter gun for kiddos in the next few years 3) ive had an itch for one lately :cool: 4) have a commited 22 rifle

    can someone give me their opinions? i would specifically like to know the downsides of each choice.

    and if someone could comment, i would really like to know their thoughts on the conversion kits. are they bad for your AR in any way? are they a nightmare to clean up?

    thanks for all input.
  2. MrWray

    MrWray New Member

    Whether it be a pistol or rifle, a dedicated .22 is always better than a conversion. Ive had a 10/22 for 22 years now and its always been reliable. Your hard pressed to find a better .22 than a ruger 10/22

    Upside: you get to fill another space in your gun safe/cabinet, a blast to shoot,great first gun for a youngster, and the 10/22 can handle anything.easy to maintain and there are several upgrades for them.

    Downside: cant think of one
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  3. 05RavenRider

    05RavenRider New Member

    The 22 conversion kit doesn't include a barrel, which I've heard that will dramatically decrease accuracy outside of 100 yards. I would spend the extra $$ in a 10/22.
  4. hawkguy

    hawkguy Well-Known Member

    thanks for the input guys. anybody have experiece with the conversion kits?
  5. Jkl-28

    Jkl-28 New Member

    I would get a 10/22 over the conversion kit.
    Also check out the new takedown 10/22 looks pretty badass....
  6. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    Everyone should have a real 22lr. A conversion is fun. But it is no substitute for the real thing. I have a 10/22 and a model 60. I would get the 10/22 though.
  7. jjfuller1

    jjfuller1 New Member

    i have a handful of .22's they are great.. ive shot my friends conversion kit. it was nice, worked great in his AR. he did tell me it gets it a bit dirty and it only likes CCI mini mag ammo. however its cheaper than .223 ammo. i only shot it lose ranges. 20 yards. so i cant tell yo how accurate the conversion kit is at longer distances. but i can say i did like it. if you think you want accuracy, then you will probly be better of with a dedicated .22 as they generally run cheaper ammo better. and you can use it for lots of great shooting time.

    if you feel the need to train more with your AR you should dry fire! it improved my wifes confidence and shooting ability just by practicing this way. will save on your cost and give you very familar with the rifle.

    in the end i say. go with a new . 22 rifle
  8. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    ive got an ar15 conversion and its no substitute for a true 22lr rifle. the kits have a max accurate range of between 15 and 25 yards depending on barrel twist. a 1:12 can get out to a little scootch past 25yards but thats it.

    go for the 10/22
  9. hawkguy

    hawkguy Well-Known Member

    thanks for the input gentlemen!

    unless i hear different, my impression is that the conversion kit doesn't compare to a 22 rifle. thanks for helping me make an informed decision.
  10. jimjc

    jimjc New Member

    Get a Ruger 10/22 you can get one for $200 and who knows you just might get hooked into making it a tackdriver and looking to put a single hole in the paper....They are a blast to shoot...Jim
  11. PlasticGunner

    PlasticGunner New Member

    I bought the CMMG and have had it for over a week and love it, I have put a brick of cheap 22lr though it with one miss fire. I have only shot it at 25yds and it did well but I hear past that it will not do so good but heck it sure is fun and cheap to shoot. I can not afford to dump a 223 mag but dumping a 22lr mag sure is cheap and just plain fun. I thought about buying a 10/22 again " had one when I was a kid" but I want to shoot my AR but cheaply.
    When I want to shoot for distance I can swap out the bolt and mag back to 223.

    Here is a short vid I took today showing the reliability. I am no pro at shooting an AR so I am sure my stance is not what it should be lol.