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    My brother is not a gun guy at all, He has golf clubs, you have guns, it is exactly the same thing to him. A hobby, something that relieves stress and gives enjoyment. He is not afraid of guns there were a couple in our house growing up, our nearest neighbor was 3/4 of a mile. A sherriffs deputy once told dad that the absolute best response time would be 12 minutes and he better not depend on that number. We were both taught to shoot, I took it he did not. His wife is a diehard anti gunner. When I was getting divorced I wanted to get my guns out of the house to keep them out of the divorce. I asked if I could store them in his basement in locked cases, no ammunition to come with them, his wife response was and I quote "what if someone breaks in and bring their own bullets".

    So we are sitting at Easter dinner today talking politics and everything else like brothers will do. Not sure what lead to this part of the conversation but he said he was flipping channels one night and as he passed cnn he saw a nra logo in the backround and stopped. Rachal Maddow was talking about how she can't understand why gun manufacturers aren't liable for gun deaths because tobacco companies were held liable for cancer deaths in the lawsuits.

    He then went into a rant about how the tobacco companies lied and that Smith and Wesson never lied to anybody. And if you missuse their products it is not their responsibility. The rant was longer and more detailed than that but it was refreshing to me for a non gunner to "get it" so to speak. Maybe there is hope after all!!!
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    that's really funny, her reply, what it they bring their own bullets!:rolleyes:

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    Good, now maybe he can have a talk with his wife. ;)

    "what if someone breaks in and bring their own bullets". What?
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    It is refreshing when when people with no horse in the race 'get it..'
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    Interesting that no one wants to go after the whiskey makers when there is a drunk driving death. Or the car makers.

    Tobacco companies make something that will kill you. All the others make something that if misused can kill you. Big difference IMO.
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    Texaswoodworker , we must compare notes one day , that was my main income!
    Youse don,t carry various calibers with youse..? Silly..! :D
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    Interesting. I sometimes compare shooting to golf. More people can understand the fun of golfing rather than the fun of shooting.

    I tell people target shooting is like golf. You go and shoot. You do "okay" but you know you can do better the next time and that's what keeps me going back to the range and shooting again.

    As for "bring your own bullets" I think criminals should bring the whole damn gun and then shoot themselves when they enter your home to wreak some havoc. :cool: Then we won't even hardly have to get up out of bed until morning.
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    Don't forget Hershey, Cadbury and all the other candy makers. It is estimated that 20% of America is diabetic and diabetes is classified as a "Medium Systemic Disease' - that's the same classification as AIDS. MedicAid and MediCare spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year treating diabetes-related problems. I mean, if we truly want to attack corporate America for products causing the most damage and dollars of liability to the country, Smith & Wesson doesn't come anywhere NEAR the damage of Hershey's in Pennsylvania.

    And then we can total up damage by obesity and high blood pressure and add that on...
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    Look into the numbers of diseases related to high fructose corn syrup. It's really bad stuff and it's in everything.
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    I don't care how hot or "adventerous" she is, I would NEVER marry a woman with level of logic spinning about in her head.