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Yes, gen 3s are still plentiful and I'd recommend a gen 3 over a gen 4 any day of the week. I've heard nothing but problems with gen 4s regarding ejecting and recoil assembly problems. I have a g22 gen 3 and after 1750 rounds in the 6 months I've had it (bought new) have never had a single problem. Only had to change the recoil spring just recently because I beat the hell out of it. And in the 9mm versus 40sw, I tried 9mm before 40 and I wasn't impressed with the 9. The velocity may be very very slightly higher but the punch of a 40 sold me on the caliber. To this day when I shoot my buddies glock 9s, I'm glad I got a 40 and they're always wanting to shoot my 40. Even my 45acp buds like the 40 better. As for grip, if you find it to be too soft(which it isn't in my opinion) just get a grip tape kit. I have a textured rubber grip on mine with a grip force Beaver tail back strap for extra comfort and faster re acquisition and it's perfect. Don't hesitate for a second on getting a gen 3 g23. You'll be in love at first full mag. Good luck in your glock quest
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