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    I have an old Francotta shotgun that has been passed down through a couple generations to me. It has had its fair share of wear and tear though and especially the gun butt would need replacing. I would like this to be done by the Francotta factory, and i do know for a fact that they are still in business. The question is how to contact them; as even through extensive internet research; I haven't found anything, except for being quite surprised as for the value of the nakkered old gun. The value of it just makes me more convinced that the restauration should be done in a factory.

    PS. on a sidenote; I managed to date the thing based on the serial number and the markings on it. It's a 1928.
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    I don't know about Francotta, but Auguste Francotte y Cie is doing business in Belgium where they always have. Company is older than Purdey or Holland & Holland.

    If THAT is who you are looking for, you can contact them through doubleguns. Use THIS: Auguste Francotte & Cie Firearms page 1, Auguste Francotte one of the world oldest and finest gun makers. Fine Firearms Resource for the Sportsman and Collector. shotguns, and double barreled shot

    Please note- ALL of their guns are "bespoke" guns. There is NO standard model. ALL guns are made to order for the customer. Basic gun about $18,000. Price goes up from there. Restoration costs likely similar. :eek:

    If, however, you are looking for Francotta...... I got nothing.

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    Auguste Francotte & Co. is now a division of Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. (Tony Galazan) in New Britain, Conn. European production is still conducted there but they are producing guns in Conn. for the American buyer. All bespoke guns, made to order. Only full sidelock guns are being made in all gauges. Prices start @ $25K with a 12 month delivery. CSMC services these also.