Constitutional rights: violated when people get sick (or whenever)

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    Here's a fairly straightforward statement about the nature of the government trampling of liberties we've all been experiencing (or reading about).

    Makes one think. If rights can be trampled and plowed under for this or that reason, then we've allowed them to be come privileges doled out by those we hire to aid us in protecting liberty itself.

    Threats to the whole apple cart. Speech, association, travel, being armed, self-defense, defending against accusations in public court, etc.

    What good are constitutional rights if they are violated when Americans get sick? @ The Washington Times, by former judge Andrew Napolitano, 3/25/20.

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    FOOG is always used as the prime directive by the G to restrict the rights of the citizens.

    The first cousin of FOOG is FYOG.

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    The article is all fine and dandy, but the disclaimer comes at the end:
    "These challenges are best filed in federal courts, where those who have trampled our liberties will get no special quarter. I can tell you from my prior life as a judge that most state governors fear nothing more than an intellectually honest, personally courageous, constitutionally faithful federal judge."
    Good luck with that.
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    If nothing else, though, this year so-called "leaders" are learning a new calculus as well: the motivated, determined, indomitable person who won't be swayed or pushed around any further.

    Whether they fully get the message and apply it to the RKBA's defenders, who can say. I suspect many will remain in their intellectual quagmires, comfortable in their resplendent state mansions the people have temporarily gifted them.

    This year, a lot of people are putting their feet down and their money where their mouths are. Whether it'll matter a damn ... well, only time will tell. Outside the scope of that op-ed author's comments on the nature of liberty, but still probably the greatest wildcard there is.

    The indomitable spirit. If determined enough, if in the tens of millions across the country, quite simply that's a force that cannot be easily plowed under if the citizens won't tolerate it. If it does come to that, where towns, counties and/or states attempt to forcefully disregard the Constitution and its constraints, on this, I suspect there will be a rapidly-growing percentage of the citizenry who'll not have that (forcible disregard and stripping of their essential liberties).

    Plenty of examples in many states, this past couple of months, where neighbors in towns have banded together to put every disreputable type there that there on notice that would not be any "silly buggers" tolerated. And rare is the town that steps up, in the least way, to attempt a smack-down of such, as though it represents a threat to civil governance of any sort.
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