Constituional Carry and our Governor

Discussion in 'Tennessee Gun Forum' started by tinbucket, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. tinbucket

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    This year the proposal is to allow Open Carry but Concealed Carry by permit only.
    Currently the Poll Tax is 315.00 + firearms class to carry conceelad or openly in Tennessee.
    Governor Haslam is hostile to Constitutional Carry according to hsi own words and State Safety Commissioner Gibbons, who seems to spend most of his time in the Legislature coercing the Legislature against Constitutional Carry.
    The reason is the large amount of money involved and slush funds for whatever Gibbons and others want.
    The Governor quit Bloomberg's Group Mayors against Gusn or whatever, two weeks before his campaign running for Governor, and joined NRA and promised, he would sign Constitutional Carry if it got to his desk.
    He instructed his allies not to let it get to his desk.

    The cost up until this year was 500.00 for lifetime Permit, and 150.00 for background check and application fee. Plus whatever the Firearms course cost. That meant over 700.00 for a carry permit.
    Baring Arms is in our State Constitution as well as Federal 2A.
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  2. Chainfire

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    It sounds like you don't like him. Vote.

  3. tinbucket

    tinbucket Well-Known Member

    Nothing to do with like. Just the facts.
    I like many people as to personality.
    Disagreement about policy is ok but not victimization.
    Too poor, for the Poll Tax, to enjoy our Rights and be safer.
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  4. Balota

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    OK, so you don't like his politics or his position on concealed carry. As Chain said, vote.
  5. tinbucket

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    Vote, what does that mean? I do more than just vote.

    Got a call from our new Represenative. Bloomberg, actually his Lobyistbrought him a check, right off the bat.
    He gave it back to him.
    Once Bloomberg has you on the hook, it is difficult to gt off. He will blackmail you, that he will make it known you are his ally by taking his money, so to speak, if your vote isn't what he wants.
    I contacted my State Senator and him again and suggested having someone post to various gun forums, who too Bloomberg's money and how much? I don't suspect they will as it would possibly cross some line.
    If I had the information, substantiated, I would get it in every paper in the state and on line. Tennesseans don't like the Interlopers that have taken over Nashville and intent on changing Tennessee.
    We don't have gun shows at the State Fairgrounds because Nashville's Mayor requires all Sellers do a background check which violates Federal and State Law. Seems only a hand full knows what goes on in Nashville and are constantly surprised. The reason is the media doesn't want it known and for opposition to form. Even Chattanooga Newspapers and Memphis and Knoxville are going that way as well as tv stations. They editoralize to fit the anti gun agenda.
  6. RKtullahoma

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    Doesn't anyone get it?

    "Anti-gun agenda" is semantically equal to "suicide pact" for the unarmed.

    Although... quite right about the media. The last time any major media ran a positive story about some gun owner STOPPING a shooting was... hmm... Let's see... as far as I can tell, NEVER.
  7. sheepdawg

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    Governor Lee announces support for Constitutional Carry.

    I can hear the DemoKrats here in Memphis already. "Blood will flow in the streets."
    I got news for all you Memphis liberals, blood is already flowing in our streets.
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  8. ellis36

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    That was the same quote from the sheriff (and others) in Jackson when the issue came up for Mississippi.
    As of yet no more blood than usual has been observed flowing in streets of Mississippi. Much to the dismay of the nay-sayers!

    And, as far as I know, no one has paraded down any Main Street in Mississippi with six-shooters looking for a shoot-out either.

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  9. Ghost1958

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    Hopefully Tennessee follows the other free states lead.
  10. partdeux

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    Sounds like our last Republican Governor.

    MI Open Carry has filed IRC, 5 separate FOIA lawsuits against the MI State Police looking for their financial records on CPL processing costs. Best they've been able to ascertain, given the lack of forthcoming data, they are making approximately 90% profit on processing CPL's
  11. Trunk Monkey

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    I think the permit fee in Colorado is 55 bucks and I thought that was steep.

    Michael Blumberg is evil and he corrupts everything he touches.

    Right after the Aurora theater shooting Governor Hickenlooper did an interview in which he stated that gun restrictions or magazine capacity restrictions would have done nothing to stop the Aurora theater shooting.

    I wish I could find the video I found it once I was never able to find it again on YouTube but 3 weeks later or so he came out as a full supporter of the universal background check laws and the magazine capacity restrictions. The same laws that he had previously said were worthless.

    After the laws were passed he addressed a meeting of Colorado County Sheriff's (again the video seems to have vanished from YouTube) but he told them straight up did the laws were poorly written and if he had to to do over again he wouldn't have signed them.

    The connection between what I just said and this thread is Michael Bloomberg interfering in your State's politics just like he interfered in my State's politics