Connecticut registration lines

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    Received this from the NRA email paper today.

    Many of you may have already seen this, but it is truly sad. I guess this is just a day or 2 old.

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    Isn't it amazing! When are people going to wake up and realize the majority of the Democratic party is our enemy when it comes to the Constitutional and our First and Second Amendment Rights! NOt all of them but 90% of them! Let's line up like sheep and register our guns! Some did it before when Hitler came into power in the name of Safety! Sound familiar? NOT! I hope Connecticut bites the bullet shortly! The people need to go after them. Or good people need to get the H*** out of the socialist state! But some keep voting these same people into office? Not that all in the Rep party support the Second Amendment but 95 % do! Being an Independent and Patriot it is not hard to figure out who is attacking us. Yet, some are affected by what I call the Ostrich syndrome! Head in the sand! The Dem party of today is not the Democratic Party my grandfather supported which he did. But the family has changed affiliations! These today, are Socialist Progressives who are making every attempt to change our Constitution and America. WAKE UP! We better start changing things in November in the mid-term and again in 2016 before it is too late. ;) Just today it was reported that the NSA is collecting some 200 million text messages every day! Will you believe what the King says in his TV messege today regarding his actions and procedures for the future workings of the NSA. When today as he speaks the Text collection is going on as we speak?

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