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Connecticut owners start calling.

Connecticut: Governor Malloy Bypasses Bipartisan Legislative Task Force

Contact Governor Malloy NOW at 860-566-4840 in opposition to his deeply flawed legislative recommendations!

Earlier this year, the Bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety was established to discuss legislative proposals concerning three areas: mental health, school security and “gun violence.” The purpose of this Task Force was to hold public hearings, informational forums and private meetings to discuss and propose concise legislative recommendations to the Connecticut General Assembly.

While these Task Force recommendations were slated to be released in a couple of weeks, Governor Dan Malloy (D) could not wait a moment longer to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Obama Administration and issue his own legislative proposals and directives to the Connecticut General Assembly.

Channeling Rahm Emanuel’s mantra of “you don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste,” Governor Malloy announced that while the Bipartisan Task Force is making good strides,

“. . .even as those good efforts continue, and despite the strong leadership and goodwill in Connecticut's House and Senate, we run a risk of letting this critical moment in history pass us by.”

Perhaps it has to do with Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Connecticut yesterday, but it is still unclear why Governor Malloy has now decided not to wait for the legislative recommendations of this Task Force and urgently and impatiently put forth his own proposals.

While bill language has not been released, below are some of the disturbing and disenfranchising proposals announced today:
•Creating an electronic database to track and record all ammunition purchases.
•Micromanaging and inhibiting your inherent right to self-defense by mandating the storage of firearms.
•Banning nearly all commonly owned semi-automatic rifles.
•Criminalizing the private transfer of firearms between family members.
•Banning and confiscating any magazine that holds more than ten rounds

Please call AND e-mail Governor Dan Malloy and respectfully express your opposition to him impulsively deciding to not wait on the actions of the Task Force, and push forward his draconian measures. Please remind Governor Malloy that the Bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety was established to craft effective policy measures and gather public input, not rush through rash proposals.
[email protected]

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