Confused about Boston carry law

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Gun Forum' started by KingAndStorm, Aug 1, 2014.

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    So I have a class A license to conceal and carry a firearm which was issued to me by the city I live in which is Methuen.
    When I took my handgun course the instructor told us that carrying a firearm or even transporting one through the city of Boston was illegal.
    I tried to find something to back this up on the internet but can't seem to find anything. SO, can anyone tell me, Is it legal to conceal carry a firearm in Boston if you are licensed to do so?
  2. I don't think the instructor got it quite right (at least did not provide you enough detail based on what your wrote:

    Check this out from the NRA-ILA site.

    Mostly, it calls out firearms related to the AWB.

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    First, welcome to FTF. Make sure you stop by the new member section and introduce yourself.

    Second, your instructor is a blathering idiot.

    While Boston itself does not normally issue an unrestricted LTC (unless you are a LEO, lawyer or a "special class"), any unrestricted LTC issued within the Commonwealth will allow you to carry within Boston city limits. You can also transport through Boston.

    I've been carrying in Boston and working in Boston for the last decade. I also have several lawyer friends based in Boston, and have consulted with them as well.

    Basically, you can carry in Boston, as long as your LTC has no restrictions.