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I just finished reading Jeff Cooper's Principles of Personal Self Defense for the second time and I have so many questions and ideas that I don't know what to do with myself. One thing that immediately popped into my mind was: Where do I go to practice shooting at moving targets at various ranges?

Thoughts after reading the book:

A few of the principles I could directly say that I practice; Alertness, Aggressiveness, and Speed. For the rest, I definitely need to condition myself to decisively take action and at the same time keeping my cool.

Alertness. I constantly find myself observing and trying to sneak up on my cats. It's way harder than you think. I have indeed gotten better at it, and I keep them on their toes, even though they are in fact quite used to my presence by now. I never enter or exit a door without first glancing what is on the other side. When I am in a crowded and possibly dangerous situation where I might not know the people I am around I try to find a spot close to an exit where I can observe what others are doing.

One question I had in relation to Alertness was the note about swinging wide around corners. Why do this? I suppose one has to rely more on speed in the event a potential assailant hides behind a corner and you cut it close, but isn't an aggressive approach preferred over becoming a target for a longer period of time?

Aggressiveness. I guess it must be my Swedish genes, and possibly my years doing Kung-Fu, since I seem to have no problem to muster the aggressiveness necessary to handle a situation appropriately. This is of course balanced by Coolness, one of the principles that I need to adhere more firmly to.

Speed. Definitely no issues there. I can move fast, both with my hands and when shooting either a bow or a gun. I suppose some of it comes naturally to me, while other parts I have conditioned myself into. The bow, for instance, I began shooting instinctively straight off of the bat and can hit 10s and 8s on a longbow target at 30-40 yards with decent accuracy firing as fast as I can draw the arrows from my quiver. Of course, this was a few years ago, I still have to find an outdoor archery range in my immediate area to keep myself in shape with the bow and arrow.

Now for my array of questions:

  • Does anybody know of a range around the Charlotte, NC area that have moving targets?
  • What type of classes should I look for when wanting to learn more about combat shooting? Note: I am neither law enforcement nor military.
  • Are there any combat/martial arts forms involving firearms and melee weapons that are readily available to civilians?
  • What type of classes should I combine to become better at shooting as well as grappling along with similar techniques that might prove useful in a close-quarters combat situation?
Thankful for any help and advice you guys can offer!
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