Concealed weapons permit applications soaring

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by mikie247, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. mikie247

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    South Carolina....
    One of the News head lines as of Monday the 21st.
    I talked to a CWP instructor friend of mine here in Florence co, and his Last 2 classed have been Max out for January. Up 60% over last month.
    Just wondering how other places are looking.
  2. DeweyEye

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    I can attest. Used to have my CCW, but it expired a few years ago. Anyways, went to a CCW class last weekend to get my permit again (eastern OH) and the instructor said they usually have one class limited to 20 each month, but my class had 28 in it and they are having two classes in February.

    It's a good thing as long as folks take it seriously and try to learn the proper way. Honestly, there were couple in my class I wouldn't want owning a slingshot.

  3. GeneralPatton

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    A friend of mine is a Sgt here in the county. He is in charge of Special Services division and they handle CWL apps. He told me the average month prior to November was about 50 apps. Post election it started to rise, and after all the other events and the president and a couple congressmen talking about a ban, they are averaging 70 apps per day. I will say though, that they handle it quite well. I already had mine, but we got my wife one. While estimating 2-3 months for arrival of the license, it was in hand in 3 weeks. Of course, GA has the easiest time getting a permit. All you do is pay $68, fill out the app and get your fingers printed. No courses required.