concealed weapon psychology

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by ScareCrow, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. ScareCrow

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    How does it usually affect people to be newly carrying a concealed weapon does it give them personality change with their newly reduced anxiety or a feeling of being more powerful now? Anyone ever heard of any extreme cases?
  2. matt g

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    I tried to keep an even lower profile than I normally would.

  3. hideit

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    I agree with matt
    i don't have a ccw but have thought about the responsibility if i had a gun on me
    using it in the wrong case could land me in jail and that tends to make be believe that i would really really be cautious
  4. Bidah

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    Starting out, most people are VERY conscious that they are carrying, and believe everyone has an eye on them. They then realize that nobody is paying attention, or notices, unless they themselves carry or are in law enforcement. People that I know that carry, myself included, tend to move more toward what most would call wimps. I call it being more aware and conscious of what you are doing.

  5. HadEmAll

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    I've been carrying as a non-LEO for right at 11 years now, and the feeling of invincibility you initially have quickly settles into a lifestyle of trying not to purposely put yourself into situations where you might even remotely be called upon to produce your weapon.

    It's a good feeling to have it, but a better one not to have anyone ever see it, or even know you have it.
  6. frankhaley1940

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    I agree with what most have said. I carried in Houston, TX in the '60's before they had CCW, I worked a lot of crime scenes as a reporter, and I just felt better having a P-38 9mm in the small of my back. I never had to pull it, no one ever saw it, always wore a jacket or wind breaker. Now I live in New Mexico where we've had CCW on the books about 5 years. I still carry, even though I am retired, our city has a high crime rate, drive bys and other bad guy stuff, as well as rattle snakes, but now I usually carry a north american arms mini 5 shot revolver in .22. I carry it in a fanny pack or in my pocket, along with extra rounds. The fanny pack is one of Uncle Mike's sidekick packs, I am able to carry my billfold, digital camera, and other stuff along with the .22. It's in a velcored compartment inside, and when door men asks to look in my pack, I unzip it, show him the wallet and camera and they pass me right on thru. You can't see the gun by looking into the pack. The sidekick pack is rather small and most people never even see it. I have yet to buy a holster, I've made some belt loops out of old wide leather belts for my 1911 and I'm wearing it around the house to get used to the feel. I've not carried it in public yet. We had a real estate agent killed here a few years ago, now a lot of real estate agents have their CCW permits. There were about 25 people in my class, 1/2 were realtors, and 1/3 of the class were women. I'd like to see more of that. I never talk about guns or CCW when I out in public, I just try to stay in the back ground and enjoy scenery. Keep your powder dry. The Old Texan