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    I don't have a cwp here in Florida (yet)...but I'm not sure I know the diff between concealed and open carry. Without a cwp, can I put a holster on my hip and carry around my Pistol? If I don't hide it?

    I almost always bring my pistol to the boat and I'm usually carrying a ton of stuff with me. Can I carry on my hip?
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    The difference between concealed and open carry? Seriously?

    As I read the law, no, you cannot "open carry" in Florida. That IS "putting a holster on your hip". See the link below- it IS permited under some circumstances.

    They were trying to revise the law in Florida this year, but I think the open carry provision failed, was not made into law. Get your concealed permit.

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    In Florida, Open Carry is lawful while engaged in, or going directly to and from, lawful Target Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, and Camping expeditions. For all Florida gun laws google Florida firearm statutes.
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    I would go for open carry over concealed unless I am around a large group of people. I cannot do this in my home state.

    I am absolutely not sure about Florida states law, but whenever you do open carry in a state in which does.. Be prepared for a "Man with a gun" call.

    Things can get real ugly. You have to understand the law completely. It is merely a profession you must master but expect horrible reactions and be prepared for.

    You must understand how to comply with police in your home state, and understand your rights.

    Again, be prepared for gun point, won't happen today, but could happen tomorrow. BAD reaction.

    There are a few differences between conceal, and open carry. In some cities/states there are licenses and permits.

    ie, you need a License to Carry Firearms to open, and concealable carry in Philadelphia, but a LTCF to conceal carry in Pennsylvania; hence, open carry is strictly legal for open carry in PA without a license or permit.

    If you're carrying a holstered weapon that is not "open" from the pants, or leg.. That would be concealed. Why? - because nobody can see it.

    If you are holstering your firearm in a holster in such the opposite, it will be open. Even though it is holstered.

    Laws may apply, always read up on them, stay safe and god bless

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    Excellent data... thank you all so much! I guess I could argue that "A camping expedition could be construed as heading out to my boat...but maybe I'll keep her in her case until I get my CWP. I don't know if I care for that "Man with a gun" incident.
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    It happens even in states where it is totally legal like herein wisconsin. More than a few folks have been harrassed in cities like milwaukee and madison but earned a lot of money suing the liberals after the arrest.

    In states like florida where there are strict rules on when and where lawsuits on arresting agencies violating the second ammendment almost never succeed.

    Just dont expect help from the aclu in a civil liberty suit unless you were trying to perform a perverted sex act with a gun.... heh
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    Succinctly put! Couldn't have cleared it up any better.
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    The open carry provision got watered down. What passed was some language that is supposed to make it legal if you accidentally expose your concealed carry gun momentarily. So if you're wearing it under a cover garment and reach for something on a high shelf at the grocery store, you haven't committed a crime. Though you might still expect a visit from store security and a chat with a police officer.