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  1. ak47dunner

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    If I get a concealed carry permit can I carry two weapons on me at once?

  2. DodgeThis

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    State and local laws may vary, but often enough I do and legally can. But that's Georgia. You should check with your local gov to be sure. My thoughts are that if you have a malfunction, it could very well be quicker to draw a BUG as apposed to clearing the issue.
  3. rigjumpr

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    same for Texas: just say'n
  4. trip286

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    Yeah, a lot of this has to do with your local laws. Here in what I think is one of the greater states, a CCW covers any gun, however many of them I want to carry. Although, here your not allowed to have a loaded rifle in you truck during hunting season, to cut down on road hunting. I don't agree with that, but I don't keep a loaded rifle in my truck any way, I don't need it. I don't hunt from the road, and I don't have a ranch where I may need to pop a coyote. In my state I believe it also covers bowie knives, boot knives, katanas, battle axes, other things of that nature. But I think switch blades are a no go no matter what.
  5. partdeux

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    Check your state laws... Even to the point of talking to an attorney that knows the firearms laws in your state.

    For some stupid reason in MI, there's a prevalent belief that you're only allowed two firearms, because it's the Concealed PISTOL License. Which makes absolutely zero sense, you're going to use that argument for ONE pistol, not two. BUT, the state law specifically says that plural applies in the singular, unless it specifically refers to the singular. While many LEO's will frequently tell people one or two is the max, it has not been tested in court. I know of at least one attorney that is chomping at the bit to take this one on.

    Good luck!