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    i just purchased a taurus m45510. i am trying to keep my behind out of trouble. will i be better to get a ccl or just follow state law for oklahoma and hand guns? is a belt holster considered a concealed weapon? do i need to carry the gun unloaded without a concealed? any help appreceated, i don't want any trrouble with law enforcement. what is normal protocal if you are carrying in your car without a ccl? how do you folks react when stopped by law enforcement with your pistol?
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    It be best to get legal advice from a firearms attorney or your local PD.

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    Hey, I'm in Arkansas and my CCW is honored by Oklahoma and several other states. I am a big believer in getting the license. It saves me time and trouble when buying a gun and at other times. For example, about a year ago I was leaving the range after shooting most of the guns I own. I had 12 guns in my truck, 6 of which were handguns. Two of which were loaded. All of these guns were in the cab. About 3 miles down the road, I ran into a road block with 3 or 4 county cars and a couple of state guys. The officer came up to the window and I rolled it down. He said hello and that they were looking for a guy and asked if I had seen him ,could he see my license and did I have any weapons in my vehicle. I just laughed and handed him my CCW with my license and told him I had several. He looked at both licenses and said "ok, have a nice day". That was it. Its worth having the thing just for that possibility alone. Plus, I can carry when I'm hunting without worrying about the particular regs for that particular season etc. Mainly, I can keep my gun loaded and in my vehicle at all times without worry and I can take it and put it on my person if I feel its warranted. I say get it and put your mind at ease. Yes, you can keep your pistol loaded and on you. You just can't keep it in open view of other people.
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    They were looking for a specific person and wanted to know if you were armed? I'd have rolled my window up. You weren't at a search for a criminal, you were at a damned Gummint Gun-Fishing Tournament! I hope you wrote a letter to the local papers.