Concealed carry gets cheaper pizza

Discussion in 'Firearms in the Media' started by JWagner, Feb 16, 2013.

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    While I applaud the owner's intent here, asking someone who is carrying concealed to reveal their weapon to get a discount just seems wrong.

    The article says the owner openly carries so I guess open carry is legal where he is, but intentionally revealing a concealed weapon seems like a bad idea nonetheless. Allowing them to show their CCW permit sounds like a reasonable option though.

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    My brother just received his chp and cc'd for the first time two days ago, my mom's will be in soon and after seeing this I believe a family outing is in order. That's about 20 minutes away and he just received a new customer! Great post and thank you for sharing!
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    I think it is great to show the anti Second Amendment folks we are sticking together. I also makes me happy to know that Magpul, LaRue Tactical, DPMS, Olympic and others are also taking action. Magpul is seriously talking about moving out of Commiefornia, Some of the companies are no longer selling any weapons even to the police or government that do not comply with for example Cuomo's NY bans and other states.;) So even the police if buying items on the list can not purchase anything that can not be obtained by a common citizen. Just to explain and us for an example only! Hypothetically lets say magazines in those liberal socialist states with restrictions and bans. The Police would not be able to buy any Magazines over 7 rounds like all the citizens! No ARs. will be sold to them either! And what is even better many of the companies are talking about relocating in other states and taking the revenue away from the liberal states and corrupt politicians. Governor Rick Perry of Texas recently sent out an invitation for them to come to Texas which I might add POed the liberal governors and politicians! "GOOD!" When they relocate it will gladly be eliminating the tax base from these politicians that they also use for their pursuit of violating our Second Amendment Rights. Serves them right! I think other businesses should also follow the Pizza guys lead and industry re locations just to shut the liberals off and cut their funding. In addition I hope all the folks that work for the companies relocate also! More tax base gone! A show of good old American Force and what sticking together is all about! And the anti-gunners would also see that real Americans who believe in the Constitution and Second Amendment Rights are receiving a discount at the stores! And they are not! I do believe showing the CCW is a better idea even if they have a piece on them. If it is CCW it needs to stay that way :D Although he is asking for either! United we stand! We must get tough about what they are trying to do to us and our Constitution!

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    Incentivized Migration...

    Corporations are going to Red States for lower taxes and regs...

    Productive citizens will follow for work.

    Add the incentive of 2A Liberties and we will see a massive flow of conservatives into Red States as we flee Blue State taxes and gun Regs.

    For this WA State guy... Idaho is looking better and better.


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    Capitalism meets 2nd amendment. I think I like it. I agree with the member who stated that it is kind of weird that you have to show off you concealed weapon to get a discount, but the point is noted and nice job standing up for what is right.
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    Please read the story. It clearly states that he ask to see your weapon OR show him your permit.
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    It may or may not be legal there....but open carry in your own business is legal just about everywhere.
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    I bet his odds of ever getting held up just went down!!