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  1. tomharkness

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    The NRA has put up a really great site for instructors to advertise NRA training programs by zip code. It is the best way for me to advertise my NRA classes.
    What I need now is a way to advertise my CHL training by zip code. Anyone know where I (we) can do that? I have tried to advertise my classes by adding in my First Steps program with the CHL and putting that on the website at the NRA. It would be nice if the State CHL group would set something up like that.
  2. layton

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    The State of Texas on their site has State approved sites for CHL classes, and if I remember correctly, they are listed by zip code to search for them.


  3. docmagnum357

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    I didn't realize my local sherrif had a list of instructors in the I.D shop, where they do all the fingertprinting, background checks. I had to sign a certificate for a guy, and rushed down there, and it was hanging in front of th phone on the wall. My name was not on there. I said I have certified over two hundred people this year, what do i have to do to get on the list" The man smiled and said "Ask". I did, and he did.

    The state is supposed to keep a list of certified instructors, but the general public doesn't know the justice academy certifies instructors, so what good is that? I, too, wish NRA would help there, but At least thet advertise THEIR classes. Better than nothing.