Concealed carry = Bad / Discreet Carry = Good -- Semantics

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    Discreet vs. Concealed

    The lamestream media told you:

    Nothing, but firearm-permit holders are very concerned about this core issue.

    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

    Now that Arizona has broken ground with its new no-permit-needed Freedom To Carry law (effective 7/29/10, also called Constitutional Carry), efforts are underway to deny anti-rights bigots an upper hand in the battle of words that frames so many civil rights debates.

    "Concealed carry," the term government prefers, implies you have something to hide," said numerous long-time permit holders. "Now that Arizona has normalized the right to keep and bear arms, it makes much more sense to always refer to discreet carry as discreet carry. Nothing requires you to be a showboat in your ownership or possession of any private property unless you want to be."

    Writer and friend Don Kline insightfully notes that, "One thing I make a point of when discussing discreet carry is the fact that traditionally, and as a doctrine of law, tyrants would like us to forget we have a right to exercise our rights PRIVATELY. Being forced to carry openly if we carry at all is not only a violation of our right to bear arms, it is a violation of our right to privacy."

    This point has been made in The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide for years, which noted that no-option open carry, despite its romantic appeal, is actually a reduction of your rights and makes it inconvenient to bear arms in many situations (p. 54).

    "Paul Helmke and his ilk like to advance the theory that people have a right to know if someone around them is armed. They don't. They are already on notice that someone around them may be armed -- the Second Amendment and the Arizona Constitution places them on notice," Cline accurately observes. Helmke (leader of the Brady group) is merely posturing of course, and together with his scant membership hates knowing anyone has a firearm.

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    I find it very disturbing that we have so many laws that flagrantly violate the 2nd. "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed..." seems like a pretty clear and concise statement to me. Where anybody got the idea that there were conditions, I'll never know.

  3. chasbo00

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    Discreet vs. Concealed carry -- just more needless political correctness BS in my opinion -- don't need it and don't want it! :(
  4. Stinger

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    Second Amendment

    Nothing Proves to Me that I am an American more than my Gun........
  5. GoBlue

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    While it does seem a bit PC to me too, we do know that the anits use verbage to their advantage.

    i.e. when Joe kills Kerry by running her down with a Chevy Malibu it's not called "Car Crime". Of course if Joe killed Kerry with his .357 it's labeled "gun crime".

    There's power in labels. No doubt about it.
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    I think the words we use in this ongoing battle not only over our Second Amendment Rights, but the very existence of our nation, are important. The uninformed are being constantly bombarded by a large, active, organized and, most importantly, persuasively articulate group with the intent to form one consensus; Guns Bad. As many of you have noted; a crime becomes a "gun crime," a simple semi-auto pistol becomes an "automatic weapon," the rifle an "assault rifle," ... etc. We know the truth. Our job is to inform the uninformed with clear, plain, yet well-considered speech. The British marching through Middlesex County on April 19, 1775 were not after hunting rifles, but shot and powder. The Second Amendment is about tanks, not 10/22's. We have already lost so much ground in the 20th Century in this fight we must not only stop the erosion of our rights, we must turn it around.
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    I see pictures of two 1911 type pistols at the bottom of your posts.
    By any chance is the "King of Nines" a Browning HiPower?
    If so please see my post of 10-7-10 in reference to same weapon.
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    nice dat isn't it
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  9. utf59

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    This is 100% true. It is also 100% true that if he doesn't select someone else, he will be prepared for you *and* your gun.
  10. druryj

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    I don't want the bad guy to know...until I decide to let him know.
  11. hnealg

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    "Discreet Carry" does sound nicer than "Concealed Carry" but so freaking what!

    To the anti's, it's still a gun!! (Now everybody gasp!)

    Let's not fall prey to the word games of the left, it won't work. Plain speech works in our favor by showing us to be the straightforward, honest people that we are.
  12. ElvisIsDead

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    I want the bad guy on the street to know I have a gun on me. If he knows I am carrying a gun he will most likely select someone else as their prey.

    My belief is even an armed thug would rather attack an unarmed man. If the dirt bag knows you are armed and the defenseless person across the street is unarmed they will select the unarmed prey. These people don't want to put any extra effort into their form of robbery. If they were willing to put effort into obtaining money they would do something that would piss Al Sharpton off and get a damn job.
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    If you want the bad guy to know you are armed, get a CCW t-shirt and bumper sticker. You can order them off Zazzle | Custom T-Shirts, Personalized Gifts, Posters, Art, and more. Find a design you like and you can have it put on anything, even a coffee mug or refrigerator magnet.

    If you don't find any design you like, tell me what you want it to say or look like and I'll design it on zazzle and you can order it. I did a business logo t-shirt for KWGaryM and it's nice, they do a good job.

    And the bad guy can be prepared for me and my gun, but I bet he doesn't know I have another gun he's not even suspecting in addition to the first gun. Either that or I'll just kick his *** for him and save my ammo.
  14. ElvisIsDead

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    Shooting them would be much more lady like. You can use each gold tooth as a target.
  15. KartoffelSalat

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    i dont know anyone that will risk getting shot for a few bucks however... unless its some heroin fiend that dosnt care.....failure drills in that case :p
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    Hooray !!

    Good for Arizona ! Now if we could only have that in the rest of the nation including Pennsylvania, Philadelphia especially !
  17. pabstman

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    Call me a slow minded back woods hillbilly but I was raised to speak my mind and make my point clear the first time! all these anti gunners need to put up or shut up!
  18. IXLR8

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    No, it just allows them to size up the situation and defeat your known defense. Ask any military planner about the element of surprise. If someone has selected you as a target, it is best not to have already shown them your ace in the hole...
  19. dogwalk

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    I like your comment and couldn't agree more. Here in Iowa our new ccw law takes effect after the first of the year. It will allow all ccw permit holders to carry concealled or open and will also allow you to consume alcohal while carrying; just don't become intoxecated. I've had a ccw permit for over thirty years and at 72 yrs. young, I still carry all the time and shoot on a regular basis. A snub-nosed 38 in my front pants pocket works fine unless I carry my 1911 holstered and under a sport jacket. dogwalk
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    pawn the gold:D