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  1. CajunStyle

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    I am considering getting my first ccw. Had something happen recently where I wish I had a gun on me. I'm not looking to spend a ton but I want something true and reliable which is fairly easy to get accustomed to. Any suggestions on guns and holsters??
    Any input is appreciated.
  2. j4454

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    Regardless of gun the Glaco sto-n-go is awesome leather holster for $20-30 bucks. Gun? Idk your size or caliber preference. My favorite caliber is 45 but I carry 9, 40 is also good for carry. These are my suggestions and guns I've carried in some capacity. Kahr cm9 is about $375 and I have had zero issues

    Single stack-
    Kahr cm9,pm9,cw9
    S&W shield

    Glock 26,27,19,23

  3. activereality

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    My carries are a g19 and a sig p229 SAS e2. I favor the sig. I shoot them both very often and am comfortable with both. Honestly. As long as you train with it, understand it, can address any blockage or malfunction effectively and efficiently any thing will work. Slingshot or a 50 ae wouldn't matter. Now concealing would be a different issue. Find a good holster that is sturdy. I like my bravo concealment dos it both guns. I do t print and can dress as I please.

    Ultimately up to you, your level of automatic response training, and what you are comfy with.

    Hell. I'd be more comfy walking around with an a2 than just a pistol. But that's me ;). Hehe.
  4. MisterMcCool

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  5. BeyondTheBox

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    I'm pocket only, but best holster I've found otherwise is SuperTuck. They still weren't comfortable enough for me...

    I rarely recommend double stack or short trigger guns with no manual safety.

    Sig P938
    Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro Carry 9mm
    Kahr CM9
    Taurus PT709
    Sig P238
    Bersa Thunder Compact Carry 380
  6. Wolvee

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    Holsters & Belts mean more than the size of the gun.

    Aries gear & Raven Holsters

    If you want leather, Galco's hard to beat for mass production.


    I carry a P2000SK or a P30L everyday mood depending and a PF9 as a bug
  7. Doc3402

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    When you said "true and reliable", and then added "easy to get accustomed to" the first thing that came to my mind was a quality revolver. You might want to consider a Ruger SP101 or any of the "J" frame Smiths.
  8. SWIll

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    I agree with Doc3402, a double action revolver is a proven, reliable weapon platform, and is as user friendly as it gets-great option for someone new to handguns. I love my j frame, but something slightly bigger may be best for someone new; perhaps a S&W k frame model 10/64, or the ruger sp101.
  9. FrontierTCB

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    X3 I also agree a revolver is likely the best choice for a first time gun owner. Easy to use and not complicated. A quality .357 like the Ruger SP 101 is an excellent gun for the money but there are many others to chose from. Also being able to shoot .38 sp. rounds out of it will help you in your training.
  10. rickster

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    My ccw is a Taurus PT 740, 40sw. They also make a PT 709 which is chambered in 9mm. Both are reliable pistols with DA/SA triggers. Another reliable pistol is the Ruger LC9. With regards to the holster, I use a IWB concealment hosted from the Hoster Store or an Allen belt slide holster.
  11. SigArmored

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    I second the double stack opinion they do bulge quite a bit and are uncomfortable to carry IWB.
  12. TekGreg

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    I tend not to recommend any individual firearm or carry method. As evidenced by our members' posts, the perfect carry gun for a 250 lb., 6'4" man is not the same one for a 110 lb., 5'2" woman! I can only recommend going to a range that rents weapons and trying as many as possible. TIP: Tell the manager that you are trying to determine a good carry weapon and they might make a deal for you to try out many of them. When I took my wife to shoot every possible caliber and determine what she was comfortable with, the manager of our local indoor range agreed to only charge for 2 rental guns (we took two at a time but went through almost every gun they had) and only charged for the ammo used, not by box for the calibers she hated. It was a great experience and she became well-acquainted with different models, actions and calibers.

    Second suggestion: A gun that falls to the floor is at the very least embarrassing, and at the most can land you in jail (inciting panic with a weapon), with your CCW being revoked being most likely. Do not buy generic or nylon holsters to carry your life-saving tool in just to save money. allot around $70-110 of your budget for a custom molded leather or Kydex holster that will hold your weapon regardless if your rolling down a hill or using the stall in the bathroom. Finally, a thick, hardened leather belt will round out your CCW carry system and provide the correct support for your holster. This is the most often neglected part of the system and it is the cheapest ($45-60), but it is the foundation of the whole system and absolutely necessary.

    By all means, have fun and ask questions! The more you ask, the more you learn, and the more intelligent your decisions will be. Ask on here as well - although members of this forum are not very likely to give their opinion. :eek: Yeah, right. :cool:
  13. ALfiremedic1

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    I couple things have come to mind. First you need to decide what caliber you like, and then pick a gun. I'm a smith and Wesson fan, so If your looking for a single stack start with the S&W bodyguard and then you can go to the M&P shield in 9 or .40, if you go 45, I'd go with the Springfield xds. All these guns are light and user friendly. Holsters? A dime a dozen and you have to figure it out. I carry my shield .40 in a Hidden Hybrid Holster and my bodyguard in a iwb Blackhawk.
  14. CajunStyle

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    I wast trying to say I was new to handguns period. Just new to the concealed carry game. I decided to go with the xds with a crimson trace lg 469 laser. It's small but still easy to handle and get a good grip on. (Possibly getting the 7rd extended mags) I will most likely be getting the hybrid holster from Thanks for the input everyone!!
  15. CajunStyle

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    Excuse the bad spelling. My iPhone doesn't like me today apparently.
  16. hangman

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    I usually CCW a Ruger LCP .380 acp, in a inside the waistband holster. Of course, you must be aware of regs within the state you are venturing within. The Ruger is light, but accurate. IMHO