Conceal Carry Question?

Discussion in 'Florida Gun Forum' started by themike13, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. themike13

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    I'm reading the book "Florida Firearms 7th edition, by Jon H. Gutmacher."
    It is a great book and clearly explains 98% of the questions any Florida gun owner may have.
    My problem is, I can't seem to clarify one concealed carry question: if you are carrying a handgun in your vehicle with a valid CCW permit, can you have it in an unsnapped holster concealed on your person?
    The law seems to state that in a vehicle a weapon must be "securely encased." At the least it must be in a snapped holster.
    Unfortunately, I carry a Springfield XD and a strap would activate the grip safety. CAN ANYONE ADVISE?
  2. gladesbassin

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    I live in Florida, when I carry it stays on my person in a hybrid holster with no strap. I'm not going to remove/put on my carry firearm everytime I get in and out of the car. It's not a vehicle gun it's my carry firearm. Maybe if it was stored in the car, but like you said that would depress your safety makin it an unsafe firearm.
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  3. therewolf

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    Read the law more closely.

    In a motor vehicle it has to be

    covered, snapped, zipped,etc.

    Do you have an article of clothing

    OVER your CC?

    Then it's COVERED...;)

    IANAL, but here in the Sunshine State, the

    cops aren't going to go out of their way to

    bust your pahookie about every last crossed

    T and dotted I.

    If you show a reasonable level of discretion,

    you have a much better chance of waking up,

    on the back porch, with a gator chawing on your

    leg, than getting hassled by LE.
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  4. Daoust_Nat

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    Be careful in Hillsborough County (Tampa). They have lost enough LEOs the last two years that they are pickey.
  5. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Show respect, get respect.
  6. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    When one is carrying, obeying the laws is crucial.

    Don't get pulled over for doing something stupid, and most will not bother with you.
  7. 1911love

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    Most LEOs I've talked too just don't want to see it readily accessible. Such as-concealed, in glove box, trunk, center console are all ok. Tampa/Orlando has lost quite a few LEOs recently, but the cops around there have always been cool to me. Just show respect and you will avoid the "attitude check".
  8. Gh0zt36

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    I'm no lawyer but yes if it is on your person it is subject to the same CC law as if you were out walking around. In your vehicle without CCP you are not allowed to conceal a firearm or weapon on your person. I carry in a IWB with no snap all the time.

    In vehicle the weapon must be holstered or glove box , center console. Any manner where the gun cannot be readily picked up and fired. I however have never heard it must be a snapped holster. Regardless that term only applies to the manner it is concealed in vehicle not on person.

    And that " must be 3 steps before able to fire " myth is is just that a myth. Your weapon can be condition zero as long as it is " securely encased "
  9. Doc3402

    Doc3402 New Member

    Yes, absolutely.

    That is for people carrying in a car that do not have a concealed weapons permit.
  10. Doc3402

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    Thanks for bringing that up. In Florida, according to a retired LEO that taught our concealed weapons class, the three steps rule is in fact a myth, and according to him the "securely" part is in the eyes of the LEO. He advised us to tell anyone we knew that carried in the vehicle without a valid permit to copy the following statute and have it with them at all times.

    Some LEO's will accept wrapped in a towel, others will require something with a lid or door between you and the weapon. The towel is really NOT a good idea, but the console or glove compartment seem to be universally acceptable unless you are committing another criminal act at the time.
  11. Artbrownsr

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    I was asked of my thoughts regarding the Orlando shooting and went IMMEDIATELY to search current Florida carry laws.
    thanks for an easy find.
    Now I just have to remember WHICH THREAD in FTF it is in.
  12. JimRau

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    Condition zero!!! I have been a firearms instructor for 30+ years and that is a new one on me?????:confused:
  13. ca1survivor

    ca1survivor Member

    if you have a Florida CCW the weapon can be anywhere you wish, the 3 steps and the strap on the holster is for non CC licensees.
  14. Artbrownsr

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    Jim, I would assume that since condition ONE is loaded, cocked with a round in the chamber, and on safe. Condition ZERO is safe taken off, that enough pressure on the trigger will send a projectile downrange, where ever the barrel is facing at time of touch.