Conceal Carry Holster?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by rccalzadilla, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. rccalzadilla

    rccalzadilla New Member

    Looking for a holster for my Rossi .357 Manum, 2" Barrel revolver, Model M877.
    What's your favorite.
  2. levelcross

    levelcross New Member

    I need to know how you plan to carry your Rossi, IWB, OWB, pocket, ankle rig, belly band?

    I like IWB personally and use one similar to a Tommy Thesis, comfortable, easy to conceal, great retention.

    For OWB I use a Blackhawk CQC for my Glock, for pocket carry I use a Sticky holster, it will also work for IWB fairly well.

    All of these are under $50, go to a local store and look at a few and see what you think fits your needs, ask the guys at the gun shop what they like/dislike.

    I have an ankle rig that stays in the box on top of the safe 90% of the time, I knew it would when I bought it, but every now and then I need it.

  3. nccinstaller

    nccinstaller New Member

    Theis holsters for sure bought one about a month ago i think. I havent used any of my other holsters since i bought it. And i think i may purchase a couple more for some of my other guns