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    For those of you with ccw's, any of you know of an IWB holster that doesn't damage your belt? I currently carry a Walther PPS 9mm in a Bare Asset holster by high noon but the metal hook really damages the delicate belts. It hasn't been much of an issue but now that I'm required to wear suits for work, I really need to find something more forgiving on my designer belts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Have you tried looking into just getting a gun belt? They are double the thickness and strength of normal belts and are rugged as hell? Just a thought that might help you

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    I have had issues with the metal clips in the past. I just got a new holster from Tommy Theis with his Kydex J-Clips. These work well and eliminate the belt scratching.

    This holster is incredibly comfortable. I got the horsehide for summer use here in south FL.

    Worth a look: Custom IWB Holsters

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    BLACKHAWK! Inside the Pants Leather Concealment - BLACKHAWK!
    Its not an exact fit but get the holster for the pistol that resembles yours and shape it to the weapon perfectly. Most people dont know how easy leather is to change shape with a cup of water and a spoon. Bet i can make a close shot into a perfect fit in 15 mins watchin tv at the same time.
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    While at the local toy store, the owner showed me a "Stick" pocket holster, it is great for in the pocket as well as IWB carry. I bought two, one for the wife for her .380 and one for my Kimber CDP II. So far this holster has not slipped while IWB and the weapon has stayed put at all times. I am an automotive tech and do everything except stand on my head daily and have not had any problems so far. I am going to pick up a couple more, one for my Glock 26 and one for my Beretta A1 .22. The Beretta will be the only in my pocket. Just my two cents worth.