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  1. winds-of-change

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    I sent an email to the owner of the gun shop I frequent. I asked if there was sign up for conceal carry classes yet. This is the reply I got. I'm going to email him back asking if I can sign up for the January class this early. :)

    "It will be 6-8 months before Illinois tells us what they want the class to consist of......the soonest anyone can teach a class is January 9th....Then they have 180 days to approve you....."
  2. mountainman13

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    Signing up early is probably a good idea, there will likely be a rush. I would be hesitant to pre-pay this early.

  3. thatonespot

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    If you can sign up without or even with a small deposit, i would.
    Illinois is not the most gun friendly state, it'd be good to be on that kind of list sooner than later.
  4. KJG67

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    I've seen two pre-registration's posts at two LGS' I frequent. Both are charging $300. Then $150 for the permit. What a joke. And we still don't even know if holding a CCW permit from another state or former military training is going to count for anything and reduce the price and time accordingly, or if we have to do the whole 16 hours and full training fee. I'm just not that motivated or worried about it anymore. Pre-registration with a deposit is a nice, however small, money maker for the shops. I'll keep my money until we get some answers.
  5. AR10

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    Half a year approval time? A full blown FBI check, is twenty or so days. Another twenty or so days to print and mail you your card.

    This is just foot dragging by Illinois to block people getting the permits.

    People in that state should move out from behind your iron curtain before it is too late.
  6. sputnik1988

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    Sounds like an intentional deterrence to me.
  7. GTX63

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    I'm sure they could move things along a little faster if it were say, a school, health, welfare program; or if a judge were to order them too.
  8. 25-5

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    It is going to be a long road. A road mined with all kinds of stumbling blocks and hoops to endure. $300.00 for a 16 hour class is what to expect. The instructors must be approved, and who knows what requirements they will need. The list I saw of possible instructor sources named organizations I never heard of, and did not include the NRA by name.
    Do not expect to see reciprocity with many other states, and none for out of state permits. Along the lines of Oregon and New York.
    Keep in mind also that there is no Castle Doctrine, or Stand Your Ground.
    Because of Cook Co., IL has a corrupt reputation that it has earned. The state will comply with the federal mandate, but slowly with a lot of kicking and screaming.
    I am glad we have concealed carry, it's just not as rosey as it looks.
  9. purehavoc

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    Winds ,
    I hosted several Utah classes this year. Im working with a retired LEO that is going to be doing the classes . They do not know how many hrs you will get for your out of state permit that is still a hang up, along with live fire certifications , but I was told that you will get 8 hrs for a IL hunters safety course if you have had one, Those have been provided for free thru the IL hunters safety program . you will get no more than 8 hrs total towards the 16 needed no matter what you have had for training . Sept 2nd is supposedly the date that they will start to release instructors names and locations. Class price is determined by the instructor . Our classes are going to be cheaper , roughly $225 for the full 16 hrs and $125 for the 8 hrs . The last 8 hrs is going to consist of the restrictive laws IL has put on this , like where you can carry , where you cant carry , when you should need your firearm,, what to do if you have to use your firearm , What the fines will cost you if you break the law " like carrying in a non carry place. It will also require some live fire I think 30-40 rds is what we discussed at a man sized target 18 X 24 at 3 different yardages 5,7 and 10 or 15 "cant remember" with 70% hit. I have been on the phone with my guys the last couple days trying to help him get everything squared away so forgive me if I have left something out and my brain is over loaded with this stuff .
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  10. winds-of-change

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    Thank you. That is some good information. I'm going to jump through any hoops they tell me I have to jump through.
  11. steadyshot

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    Meanwhile here in Southern IL (Madison County).....:D

    We kinda think different than you folks up North...;)

    Madison County State’s Attorney: Concealed Carry OK Now In IL

    Posted on June 7, 2013 by Dan Zimmerman

    Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons courtesy

    Despite a concealed carry bill sitting on Governor Sockpuppet’s Quinn’s desk, ticking off Illinois as the last state in the union to enact some form of concealed carry is still no sure thing. When you’re dealing with the nation’s most corrupt state, there are just too many potential legal and legislative curves in the road for anyone to confidently begin counting their proverbial chickens. Unless you live in Madison County, just across the river from St. Louis, that is. If you do, as far as Tom Gibbons, the Madison County State’s Attorney is concerned, the residents of the Land o’ Lincoln can tote now, as long as they meet certain criteria (possess a FOID, carry for self defense, keep it concealed, etc.). His reasoning? “The reality is that in December 2012, the statute was declared unconstitutional. So, we had a federal ruling – a higher court than our state court. That takes authority.” Click here read his letter laying out his opinion.
  12. Missouribound

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    I lived in Illinois for most of my life. I didn't realize how anti-gun Illinois was until I moved to another state. From the day I took my class for a CCW until the day I received my permit was about 2 weeks. I am both happy I left Illinois and saddened that those of you who live there still have to put up with the liberal bullsh*t that runs that state. Hopefully most of you will be able to carry when you are still young enough to remember how to put your holster on. That being said, I've been carrying for 4 months now, and it's my right......and my state isn't trying to prevent me from executing that right.