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    I have been running a Dell XPS with three monitors for about 6 years. Once you have multiple, you never go back. Anyway, I am going to be getting a new system in the near future and will make it so that I can have three monitors again. The question I have for any computer gurus is sort of convoluted.

    When I set this Dell up, running Windows XP Pro Media Center, if I remember correctly, all three monitors needed to be the same size and resolution. With Windows 8, which is what I will migrate to, can it handle different sizes and resolutions? Right now I have 3 19" 4:3 monitors and they are all still in great shape with very accurate colors. (I'm a portrait printer so my monitors are calibrated to my big printer). But with a new computer, I am thinking I will expand my monitors to larger 16:9, but I was thinking that I might want a really big center monitor to do all my graphic work on, and have smaller right and left monitors to do all the other stuff on.

    Does anyone know if this will work? Like I said, I'm pretty sure Windows XP Pro would not allow it, but I've read forums where they suggest it can be done but didn't mention what OS they were using.

    Thanks in advance.
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    "convoluted" !!! gosh dang, that thar is one of them 50 cent words!!!

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    I don't think the size and resolution matter. Or the operating system. My dad has two monitors hooked up to his apple. And there two different sizes. One has the shop cameras.and the other one he uses for Internet or whatever else.
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    A limitation like same rez is video card dependant, you should be fine.

    However you should look into using display port for your connections and not HDMI combined with VGA and DVI. Display port allows daisy chaining of monitors so 1 cable to the comp is all that's needed. High resolution (even 1080p) is to much for a great signal over VGA.

    You should do some research about multiple monitors on Win8. It has some funky limits on a single monitor and i am not sure how those translate to multi monitor. Win 7 works great with them.
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    Wonder if you wouldn't be better off using Linux or Unix??
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    I don't know about 8, but 7 yes.

    It's time to upgrade those monitors! Are you calibrating those monitors? If not, get a calibration kit.

    Friend of mine has one 30" in landscape, and two 27" in portrait mode. AWESOME setup!