Completely informal review of CCI .22 Tactical Ammo

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    So, I've been shooting CCI .22 Tatical ammo through both a 10/22 and an S&W 15/22, and I figured that I'd post my thoughts on the ammo.

    Accuracy: This ammo is really consistent. With other bulk .22 ammo (Federal Champion 525, Remmington 525 gold pack), I typically have 1 and 1/2" groups at about 50 yards (using bipod and scope).

    With the .22 Tactical, I can usually bring my shots to within 1/2", and is the only ammo I've been able to shoot through my 10/22 and maintain a 1" grouping at 75 yards (other ammo, I'm usually rocking an awesome 2 to 3" group).

    Consistency: Because of the muzzle velocity, my 10/22, which is sometimes a bit finicky about which ammo I put in it, I always get strong, clear, and wide ejection, and don't recall ever having a fail to feed. As per CCI's reputation, out of 7 boxes I've shot, I've had one "dud" which fired the next time I tried.

    How dirty is it: Honestly, it's part of the reason I love this ammo. I clean my rifle every time I use it, partially because I like doing it, and partially because I want to make sure that my rifle is always in working order. While I enjoy maintaining my rifle, I DON'T like having to take a long time because of how dirty it is.

    To me, firing a full box of 375 rounds of the .22 tactical leaves about the same residue as firing 100 rounds of Federal Champion or Remmington Golden Bullet bulk packs. When I open my rifle, I'm not faced with a layer of soot like the other brands, just a noticeable dusting of residue. Saves me a lot of time and energy and supplies, since I don't go through nearly as much cleaning cloths, and I can do just three passes of the bore snake and see a nice, shiny barrel.

    Price: Typically around $20.00 for 375 rounds. While that might be a bit more per shot than the 525 competition, I find the savings in time cleaning and the better accuracy/consistency of each shot outweigh the "more bangs" that the competition can offer.

    Anyway, I just wanted to get this out there so that if there are some people who are on the fence about trying this ammo, I suggest giving it a shot. (Ha ha, horrible pun not intended)
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    Thanks for the review.