Complete Uppers: Del-Ton M4 $385 DPMS bull $385 SS .22lr Conv $150 MANY OTHERS!

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    Bunch of New Products at great bargain prices ! Check us out! In stock AR-15 rifles, uppers, parts, lowers etc.

    Spikes Tactical 16" Chrome Middies $495 (IN STOCK)
    Spikes Tactical QDS front & rear flip up sight combo $130 (IN STOCK)
    Magpul UBR's $255 (IN STOCK)
    Magpul MOE black buttstocks Mil-Spec $55 (IN STOCK)
    Magpul MBUS rear flip up sight $55 (IN STOCK)
    Magpul MBUS flip up front sight $40 (IN STOCK)
    Magpul AFG $32 (IN STOCK)
    Magpul MOE winter trigger guard $9 (IN STOCK)
    Del-Ton 16" M4 complete uppers $385 (IN STOCK)
    DPMS 16" bull barell complete uppers $385 (IN STOCK)
    Chiappa Firearms 16" M4 dedicated .22lr complete upper (with mag) $320 (IN STOCK)
    Tactical Innovations Stainless steel .22lr conversion kit (with mag) $150 (IN STOCK)
    ATI .410 complete AR upper (with mag)$420 (Sold Out More Expected Soon!)
    Bushmaster 6.8 SPC 16" M4, 1:11, chrome lined, detachable carry handle $620 (IN STOCK) ON SALE NOW ONLY $575 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!
    UTG Quad Rail carbine length with covers $55 (IN STOCK)
    UTG Flip up Rear Sight $35 (IN STOCK)
    UTG Flip up front sight $28 (IN STOCK)
    UTG Match grade carry handle $35 (IN STOCK)
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    Does those .22lr uppers have a functioning bolt lock back? where in Missouri are you from?
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    We are in Marceline, MO. We do however travel to gun shows. We will be in KC, MO at the expo center June 26-27 if you are interested.

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    I have you guys in my linked list on FB :)